The Liberty County (Ga.) Commission on Tuesday (Feb. 11) approved rezoning for an RV park development at the intersection of I-95 and U.S. Highway 17.

Despite some opposition, the vote was unanimous, according to the Coastal Courier.

The site is owned by Destinations Tidewater and includes 125 acres along the South Newport River. About 55 acres are considered developable because of wetlands regulations.

A project spokesman, Strickland Holloway, described plans for the RV park development that would include five phases. The proposed development could include 230 sites available for sale or rental. The land is now zoned Planned Unit Development for condominiums; the commission’s action makes it open to RVs.

A spokesman for environmental group One Hundred Miles opposed the rezoning on various procedural grounds and said the site was sensitive and near the Bulltown Swamp Wildlife Management Area.

Robert Emerson said he represented Friends of the South Newport River and had a petition with 22 signatures opposing the RV plan. The signatures, he said, were by 100% of the residents of the McIntosh County side of the river. Some people at the meeting said informally that the development would spoil their scenic view.

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