A Cherryfield Creek Campground site.

A new luxury campground has opened near North Carolina’s  Pisgah National Forest offering covered tent pads, bathhouses and quick access to outdoor recreation, according to the Times-News.

A ribbon cutting was held in late September to mark the grand opening of the Cherryfield Creek Campground. The campground, at 195 Still Waters Lane, off Cherryfield Creek Road between Brevard and Rosman, is a partnership between the nonprofit Cradle of Forestry Interpretive Association and Leder Properties.

The campground features four pavilions, bathhouses with full power, showers, covered camping platforms and porches. The four large, covered tent pads have a combined capacity of up to 100 people, but large groups aren’t required to reserve the space.

Director of Campgrounds Judy Doyle said it’s a new concept that will have implications on future growth in the area. She added there’s a great need for group camping space in the area.

“We feel like it’s something that’s not going to go away any time soon,” Doyle said.

Described as a cross between camping and glamping, the campground is geared toward weddings, corporate retreats and fishing, biking or kayak groups, Doyle said.

Cherryfield Creek has been specifically designed to accommodate and focus on larger groups for special events, but will serve as a perfect location and base camp for groups of mountain bikers, trail runners, hikers, paddlers, racers and outdoor enthusiasts.

For now, the campground is set up for patrons to bring their own tents, Doyle said, but they will see how people react to that or if they would prefer tents be provided.

Cherryfield Creek is set for a soft opening this fall and plans to be in full swing by spring of 2020. They are also working to add concierge-type services, having ice and firewood available and bear-proof storage containers.

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