EDITOR’S NOTE: The following update was issued by Go RVing Canada as part of its Quarterly Newsletter to stakeholders.

What’s Happening at Go RVing Canada

After the completion of successful campaigns throughout the summer and fall, there is undoubtedly a strong appetite for how-to content and RV travel inspiration, what else did we learn from Q3 results? Find out more and learn about exciting upcoming programs with Go RVing Canada.

This quarterly newsletter is designed to keep you up-to-date at a high level with what’s happening at Go RVing Canada. Should you want further information of ongoing programs, contact us.

In this edition, we’re thrilled to share the final results from the widely successful “Brewdocking” campaign as Canadians joined Jon Montgomery and Go RVing Canada on a cross-country RV adventure. We are now embarking on a new journey as our mission to educate Canadians on the joys of RVing continues with our all-new “Gift of Canada” campaign.

We also announce exciting new efforts being initiated to collect insights into today’s RV consumer in partnership with market research firm, Ipsos. Plus, learn about the new marketing training module added to Go RVing Canada’s dealer tie-in program, helping enhance dealer business strategies and educating how to work with Influencers on a budget. Finally, don’t miss out on new tips added to the “Knowledge Centre” from our Integrated Agency team of experts to help keep you up-to-the-minute with emerging marketing trends in the RV space.

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Brewdocking with Jon Montgomery Campaign Results

“Brewdocking” with celebrity host Jon Montgomery was intended to inspire current and prospective RVers to take a vacation on the road this year. With the help of our PR agency, Agnostic, the campaign garnered impressive results – bringing in 14.5M impressions to date, along with 107 media hits across TV, print, online, and social outlets, proving the appetite for inspirational RV content and educating audiences how to make the most of their RV trip.

To showcase the series, brewdocking.ca features all the episodes and information on how to explore your backyard, and discover local breweries across the country.

To drive additional traffic to the series, a contest was held for one audience member to win the Brewdocking RV, with a total of 30,000 contest entries, and bringing in 150,000 website views.

Thank you to Rangeland, Karma Campers, Campkins, and Bucars for their support in making the Brewdocking campaign a huge success!

Introducing the “Gift of Canada” Campaign

What if we could reconnect one very special family, and all of us, through the power of RVing? The Gift of Canada campaign is intended to inspire Canadians to do just that.

The new creative campaign brings together two family members who were separated over the pandemic through the joys of RVing. We have leveraged influencer Ricky Forbes in English, and Eve on the Road in French to be the face of the video campaigns, and to encourage additional reach across their own social platforms.

The Gift of Canada campaign is intended to garner Nationwide media coverage, promoting the RV lifestyle and gorving.ca as the preferred method to reconnect with loved ones, nature and foster new memories.

Stay tuned for more program updates as we launch the campaign in early November 2022.

New Market Research Gains Insight into Today’s Consumer

We are thrilled to announce Go RVing Canada is initiating a Nationwide market research study in partnership with research firm Ipsos, with the objective to gain detailed insight into today’s consumer.

Canadians have adapted how they spend their free time through the pandemic, and much has changed in our industry during the last few years. As new buyers come into the market, it is crucial that we continue to encourage participation and enjoyment of the RV lifestyle for both prospects, and owners – this research will provide updated psychographics and purchase habits to strengthen our marketing strategies, produce relevant content-rich media, and form meaningful partnerships.

The research study will be available for RVDA dealers to access to help improve their own marketing strategies.

New Marketing Training Module Added to the Dealer Tie-In Program

Looking to improve your marketing efforts, but have a small budget and are not sure where to start? Go RVing Canada’s Marketing Communications Manager, Julia Bouterakos is providing you with two FREE marketing training modules to help you diversify your business strategies on a budget.

  • (NEW) Influencer Marketing 101: Tactics to Increase Traffic on a Small Budget: Providing suggestions on ways to find great influencer partners (things to consider when choosing, how to reach out to them), as well as best practices around communicating and compensating them, and conveying your brand expectations to them.
  • Managing Online Presence: Providing insights specific to branding consistency on your social channels and conveying a clear visual message to consumers to drive traffic and engagement.

The modules will be available for viewing Oct. 21, 2022 inside the Dealer Tie-In Portal.

Not a member of the program yet? What are you waiting for? The bulk of the program is free and available to all members of the RVDA. Take advantage of professional marketing assets for content creation, including 100’s of RV lifestyle images, promotional videos and the “Live Your Wildhood” national ad campaign.