A popular campground in Iuka, Miss., is preparing to reopen.

The Goat Island Campground Inc. will reopen for full-time and overnight camping beginning Sunday, April 1, according to the Daily Corinthian.

It’s never too soon to begin planning one’s warm weather activities and the campground’s consultant, Ed Noble, was only too happy to get the word out about Goat Island’s opening day.

Located at 109 County Road 346 near Highway 25 North, Goat Island Campground is on the Yellow Creek embankment of Pickwick Lake, near the mouth of the Tenn-Tom Waterway. It is owned by Teresa Noble and Randy Allen Jr. and is managed by Craig Mitchell.

Noble said the campground is small, with 86 sites, but it’s popular with fishing and water sport enthusiasts.

“People love it here for the water and the camping. For years, our campers have come here strictly for fishing and water sports, sunning or pleasure riding,” said Noble.

There is also something for nature enthusiasts such as bird watchers.

“It’s a good location. You might get to see eagles, pelicans or ospreys. It’s a good bird path for migratory birds,” said Noble. “You get to see a lot of different wildlife that way.”

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