In a column in the most recent edition of Highways magazine, Marcus Lemonis, chairman and CEO of Good Sam Enterprises LLC (formerly Affinity Group Inc.), outlined changes in the Good Sam Club that include:

  • New fuel discount program.
  • More value-oriented insurance, roadside assistance and extended warranty programs.
  • A revamped trip-planning system.

Lemonis said the changes are being made at the behest of ”literally thousands” of Good Sam Club members who e-mailed him during the six months since he took over Good Sam’s helm.

”My role is to guide the direction of the club, but it is the responsibility of you and nearly 1 million fellow members to provide the direction,” Lemonis said in the column.

The new fuel-discount program, which is in its final stage of development with an unnamed national travel center, is ”at the top of our priority list” and will be tiered, depending on members ”loyalty” to the Good Sam Club, Lemonis said.

”If we don’t bring you value for your dollar, then we have failed,” Lemonis added.

Responding to members’ requests to improve the quality of the Good Sam Park network, Lemonis said his mission is ”not only to bring a variety of parks to the network, but to become a better partner to those parks.”

In an effort to get more members to visit Good Sam parks, the company has launched a $5 discount coupon program paid for by the club that can be used at any Good Sam park.

”I also want to drive members to our Good Sam parks and show the support from our membership,” he said.

With regard to Highways, the Good Sam Club’s official magazine, Lemonis said the plan is to increase editorial content. ”The book in hindsight was too heavy with advertising and did not contain enough member content,” he wrote, reporting that an e-mail survey will be sent to members within a few weeks asking for further suggestions about Highways’ content.

A new product — the Good Sam RV Travel Guide — is under development and will be available to members free in early 2012, he reported.

He also promised to reduce the amount of mail that Good Sam Club members receive from the club, although he asked for patience as a new system is established. ”Often times, antiquated systems and philosophies have driven this process,” he said.

In addition to the Good Sam Club, Lemonis also is the head of Camping World and the Coast to Coast membership company.