Land at the center of a proposed Shediac, New Brunswick, campground that is connected to Health Minister Victor Boudreau received one of the area’s few property assessment reductions and the second-largest property tax cut in the town this year, CBC Nerws reported.

Rival campground owner Marie-Paule Martin, whose assessment and taxes both went up for 2017, said she does not understand how any campground-related property in the area could have gotten a reduction.

“When I found that out I couldn’t believe it,” said Martin, who has been a staunch critic of the Boudreau development.

“I guess there’s tax for certain people and there’s tax for other people.”

Boudreau is one of seven investors trying to develop a 700-site campground in Shediac on prime undeveloped land just one kilometre from Parlee Beach.

The property is owned by the Anglican Parish of Shediac and got a tax bill of $5,430 this year, 46.9% lower than last year. That’s the second-largest tax cut in Shediac for 2017, marginally less than the building housing the former Super Body Fitness Centre, which suddenly closed its doors last summer and saw a property tax reduction of 47%.

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