Architect Ron Beard of Texas, an RV park consultant, and Tara Marrs, of Roswell, present the plans for a Brasher Road RV park during a Tuesday (Jan. 27) planning and zoning meeting.

Some Roswell, N.M., residents and an Austin, Texas, RV park developer are talking about building an RV park on the south side of the city, according to the Roswell Daily Record.

Local realtor Tara Marrs and partner Aaron McGuire, of Roswell, and their consultant, architect and planner, Ron Beard, of Ron D. Beard & Associates of Austin, are working to develop an RV park at 505 W. Brasher Road.

As currently envisioned, the Marrs RV Park would be directly to the west of the U.S. Post Office on Brasher and near South Washington Avenue.

The property now owned by Constellation Estates LLC covers two lots and a little over nine acres. Up to 86 RV sites are being considered for the property, with each site able to accommodate an RV up to 45 feet long and two parking spots, according to Beard.

Speaking at a Tuesday (Jan. 28) meeting of the city of Roswell Planning and Zoning Commission, Beard said the park is intended to be a “first-rate” location with “franchise level” standards.

“We really feel like, look, there are some nice facilities around and there are nice facilities in New Mexico, but this could be top of the mark as far as setting the stage for what an RV resort, RV park, in this town can be,” Beard said.

Beard said that he has more than 30 years of experience in his field and a website indicates that he has been focusing on RV parks and resorts for about 10 years now.

The park will not be used to provide primary residences, but instead is meant for shorter stays for tourists or extended stays of up to several months for full-time travelers, visiting nurses and doctors, oil industry professionals, visiting higher education faculty, students or business people.

Beard said the park will have strict standards and will institute credit or background checks for longer stays. Beard said plans have been developed to include several amenities as “magnets” to attract a higher-end clientele.

While the plans are “still evolving,” Beard said the amenities could include a lodge, a pool and bathhouse, a dog park, a recreation area, and an amphitheater.

“You need those things because, my view in talking with RV operators all over the United States, is that the most highly amenitized facilities begin to generate the highest rates and occupancies,” he said.

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