The Idaho Recreation Council and the Good Sam Organization are both crying foul, television station KMVT reported.

In a joint statement the groups sid they are both frustrated and disappointed by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation recent decision to continue using RV registration fund money for purposes for which it was not intended.

“RV enthusiasts proposed and supported passage of legislation to tax themselves. Under the agreement, the funds would be available for grant-based distribution to improve recreation for RV owners across Idaho and not just in parks” said Mate Maitland, Good Sam legislative representative and IRC Board Member. “It is unfair and it makes no sense to have money collected through RV registrations diverted away from RV-related activities. We did not propose and support this fee as a means to fund state parks,” he added.

The misdirecting of RV funds began during the financial collapse of 2010. At that time, Idaho’s general fund budget was reduced by 80% for parks. To make up for budget shortfall, the IDPR Board voted to divert 2 million dollars per year of the RV registration fund to cover operations and maintenance of state parks.

The diversion of funds was considered a short-term solution that would expire in 2015. Because of the short timeline, the RV Advisory Committee reluctantly agreed to the IRDC Board’s decision.

Unfortunately, in April of 2013 the IDPR Board voted to continue to use up to $1.5 million in RV funds for operations on an on¬going basis. They did so without consulting anyone from the RV community.