The Canyon Lake (Calif.) Property Owners Association announced that the Happy Camp construction project is on schedule and expected to be completed by Memorial Day. The grading and demolition are completed; sewer, water and electrical trenching are next.

Both the upper and lower roads have been relocated to the west, away from the lake. The campsites will be longer, deeper and angled to create easier access for RVs, according to FridayFlyer.com.

The Happy Camp construction project will be an extensive modernization of the campground area to include rehabilitation and/or replacement of the asphalt roads, new concrete walkways, new sewer system, new water laterals and new electrical system.

There will be campsite and road layout changes to accommodate larger RVs with slide-outs. Twenty-one additional campsites with RV hookups will be added.

There will be a total electrical system upgrade that includes a new Edison transformer, new conduit and wiring and new electrical pedestals to accommodate modern RV’s and increased overall electrical loads. Street lighting and power poles will also be replaced.

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