Harvest Hosts

RV-ers pay the annual fee and have a selection of host spaces to stay overnight. Photo provided.

Harvest Hosts — a travel platform for RVs and small businesses — has a novel outlook on Florida after watching the app expand nationwide, according to Tampa Bay INNO.

The Denver-based platform has more than 260,000 subscribing RV travelers. It charges campers an annual $100 fee to access a network of businesses — from restaurants to wineries — that have signed up to allow RVers to stay overnight on their properties.

In 2022, Harvest Hosts was ranked as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine, and it has raised more than $37 million in investment funding since CEO Joel Holland acquired it in 2018.

From watching the host network grow in the past few years and seeing where people travel, Holland said the Sunshine State has a competitive role on the platform. The company recently surpassed 5,000 hosts nationwide — the small- to medium-sized businesses that let the RVs park in their spaces — but the regional activity from Tampa’s Gasparilla Bowl represents the growing popularity of RV-ing in the area.

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