Harvest Hosts has acquired Boondockers Welcome, bringing together the two biggest organizations that connect RVers with private landowners for free overnight parking. Harvest Hosts provides access to businesses — often farms, wineries and museums — while Boondockers Welcome connects members primarily with other RVers for stays in driveways and yards.

“We are very happy to welcome Boondockers Welcome to the Harvest Hosts family,” Harvests Hosts CEO Joel Holland said in an email to WOODALLSCM.com. “For the past several years, it has been our mission to give travelers the chance to create great memories and experiences in their RVs. Bringing Boondockers Welcome into the fold was a natural step in serving our loving RV community. Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome members can expect the same great experiences they are used to with more excitement to come and additional places to explore and memories to make.”

In a separate email, the founders of the nine-year-old Boondockers Welcome announced the change to members and praised Holland for “the way he “has grown the Harvest Hosts network by leaps and bounds,” assuring that the community is in good hands. “The Harvest Hosts team is dedicated to continuing to improve the Boondockers Welcome experience, and you can expect some great new features in the near future,” the statement reads. “We really feel that they will be amazing stewards for the community we’ve built.”

The two services will continue to operate independently, but alongside each other, and subscription prices and benefits are not expected to change during the transition. All locked-in pricing will continue to be honored.

Boondockers Welcome Co-Founder Marriane Edwards will be retiring, while Co-Founder Anna Maste will be staying on during the transition. Director of Marketing and Community Support Carrie Price has joined the Harvest Hosts company.

Joel and Mary Ashley Holland

Edwards was inspired to create a community of “driveway surfers” back in 2009, and turned to her daughter, Anna Maste, a software developer, to help build it. The duo launched the Ontario-based Boondockers Welcome in April of 2012. It now boasts over 2,700 host locations. Earlier this year, the company released an app platform for the service, along with liability coverage for its hosts.

Harvest Hosts announced it had raised an investment of $37 million back in March and has been beta-testing its own app-based reservation system. Harvest Hosts was founded in 2010 by Don and Kim Greene and was purchased by Holland in 2018. Holland also purchased RV Golf Club in 2018 and merged it with Harvest Hosts. The Harvest Hosts network now has nearly 2,700 locations.

This story was written by Jason Epperson for WOODALLSCM.com.