Earlier this week WECT-TV, Wilmington, N.C., reported a camper thought there may be problems with the water at Lake Leamon, but the health threat was later found on the ground nearby. 

The campground was full of recreation vehicles but not people, because it had been closed for almost a week due to health violations. 

Duplin County officials said they’ve been dealing with the owners of the Lake Leamon Campground for months and have even issued them a cease and desist letter ordering them to update their sewage system or face further action. 

Officials recently received a complaint from a camper who said she got sick after being at the campground so the Environmental Health Department began an investigation. Officials discovered a ditch filled with raw sewage when they looked over the grounds. 

“Apparently the system that was there was overloaded to the point that it was failing and in order to remedy the failing system he dug ditches draining the sewage into a lower lying area,” said Duplin Town Manager Mike Aldridge. 

County officials said they forced the owners to close immediately Friday (July 10) because of the health violations. They had too many RV’s for their waste water system. They said the owners could now face fines and criminal violations. 

“I think the owners were trying to get by as long as they could without incurring the cost of adding a new sewage system in the park,” said Aldridge. 

Officials are now testing the water to ensure it has not been contaminated, but until the sewage system is brought into compliance the campgrounds will remain closed. 

WECT tried to contact the owners of Lake Leamon but they did not return any phone calls.