The Lancaster County (Neb.) Board of Commissioners will hold public hearings on Jan. 21 to discuss a proposed campground near Davey, according to The News.

Dave and Jolene Queen, of Lincoln, are planning to build a large campground on a 45-acre parcel on the southwest corner of Highway 77 and Davey Road. The name of the proposed RV park is Lincoln Capital Campground.

The project would have up to 240 campsites with water and electrical hookups, management and operational facilities such as a registration/check-in office, store and amenities like a swimming pool, playground and sports fields.

Karen Kurbis, a member of CPR Life, said the group is concerned about several issues regarding the campground, including the increased number of people it will bring to an area of Lancaster County that is zoned for agriculture.

“This could create the fourth largest town in Lancaster County with no city services,” she said in the press release.

The group also has other issues regarding the proposed campground.

“We’re also concerned about water quantity and quality for the surrounding families’ wells,” Kurbis said.

Kent Seacrest, an attorney working with the Queens, said the developers have provided evidence that there is adequate water on the proposed location. A test well dug on the site pumped 50 gallons per minute, which is “very high,” he said. The plan calls for drilling two wells on the campground.

The quality of the water is also good, Seacrest said. Although the water has a high mineral content and is considered “hard,” there are no pollutants, he said.

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