Jackson County, Wis., this time of the year brings to mind, the outdoors and for some, camping but one campground is getting noticed for its loud concerts and its new adult-themed atmosphere, according to WEAU-TV 13, Eau Claire, Wis.
Marvin Thomann is the owner of Camp N.C.N but it’s not your ordinary campground. N.C.N. stands for No Clothing Necessary. Community members have called in a number of complaints about the noise but Thomann says he’s become a target.
“I invested in a decibel meter and I check all four highways and if the decibels go over the limit, I make them turn it down and then I try to keep it at least 5 to 10 decibels under the legal limit,” says Thomann.
But the noise is not the only concern. Just recently Thomann decided to turn away from concerts and gear the campground more toward adult entertainment. The idea is not sitting well with the community.
Jackson County Supervisor John Bahnub says, “Just lately on the new twist moving into the nude scene, that’s really bothered people. The calls I’ve received, they’re worried about property devaluing, what their children are exposed to. We’re a homey place in Jackson County here that it just doesn’t fit in.”
Bahnub doesn’t think the pros of bringing more people to the area outweigh the cons in this situation. Thomann says he realizes the establishment has a bad reputation.
“It could be a pretty respectable place. We wanted to change it over. The adult meaning, couples could come here, consenting adults over 18 and do what they want to,” says Thomann.
He’s got several events planned.
“We got about 5 swinger events coming up, we got a couple fetish bondage weekends, we got our Big Black River Rumble Motorcycle Rally and now this year we started a new one called the After Sturgis Gathering that we got bookings for already,” says Thomann.
Bahnub says these events infringe on community members’ lives. They have to keep their kids inside so they aren’t exposed to it and hope he will at least put up a fence.
Thomann says he is eager to work with the city and county to figure this all out.