The Herzog family

RV spokesman Brad Herzog and family are on the road promoting the RV lifestyle in local media markets for a 12th straight year. This year’s two-month itinerary routes the family through media markets in the Northwest, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) reported.

Halfway through the tour, the Herzogs have appeared on the news in more than 10 markets, including Sacramento, Colorado Springs, Denver and Spokane.

Herzog continues to promote the RV lifestyle as affordable despite high prices at the pump, telling viewers in Colorado Springs, “My favorite thing about the RV experience is the freedom and flexibility you have, you are traveling on your own terms, if you want to save money and not go the extra 200 miles.”

The Herzogs — Brad, wife Amy, and sons Luke (10) and Jesse (9) — provide an accessible example of an RVing family. At each stop, they deliver messages of family togetherness, health and wellness benefits of RV travel, and educational opportunities kids get when they travel by RV — all significant purchase motivators, according to RVIA’s latest communications planning study.

“My kids are pretty sedentary at home,” Brad told viewers in Sacramento. “But on the road we’re doing a lot of hikes.”

The 45-day tour concludes July 12 in Minneapolis.