Gallagher Acres RV Park

Multiple RV’s line the streets at Gallagher Acres RV Park in Fort Worth on Wednesday, Aug. 23. CHRIS TORRES

Joy Anderson drove around for days — there was nowhere to go. Dating an oil rigger came with a life on the road, and the pair had decided that their life together would be spent in an RV because of its ease with work and travel, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

But in Tarrant County nine years ago, there were few parks and hardly any availability. As the couple searched for a spot, they kept hitting walls. Some RV parks had wait lists. Some didn’t have any room at all. Hope was almost lost as their final day in the area closed out and the couple began to head back to West Texas. Then Anderson saw a sign advertising Gallagher Acres RV Park.

Back then, the park off FM 1187 wedged between Benbrook and Fort Worth had only 12 spots. But a woman at the office told Anderson she had one for her and her now-fiance. Anderson remembers replying: “We’ll be there tomorrow.”

Flash forward to today, and Gallagher Acres has more than 100 spots for RVs. And Anderson, now the park’s manager, still calls it home.

More than 11.2 million people across the country own an RV, and 400,000 choose to live in them full-time, according to the RV Industry Association.

Those like Anderson have made an executive decision. They think establishing residence, and transience, for the long haul in an RV is the best way to go.

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