Severe weather ripped through Southwest Florida on Saturday night (April 21), uprooting a small building at the Lakeport RV Park.

The National Weather Service in Miami concluded that straight-line winds from a thunderstom squall line, not a tornado, were responsible for the damage in Lakeport, WZVN-TV, Fort Myers, reported.

“It was pretty loud. I woke up around 2:30 to this amazing roar,” said Lakeport RV Park owner Donna Martin.

“In Florida, you always think of hurricanes. You never think of tornadoes in Florida,” said RV park resident Barbara Moreno.

Despite the classification, the damage was clear. The RV park’s small post office building was uprooted and dumped on its side. There were also reports of damage to homes in a nearby neighborhood.

“It was just amazing to think that in five minutes so much damage was done. It was just so quick,” Martin says.