Hipcamp users now have access to a Fall Foliage Forecast Map.

Hipcamp, an international campsite booking platform, has announced the launch of its 2023 Fall Foliage Map, a tool that helps campers make the most of autumn’s stunning spectacle, according to a press release.

The map leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict the optimal week to experience breathtaking fall colors for each county within the contiguous United States, and then layers that data onto available tent campsites, RV sites, cabins, yurts and treehouses. The result is a remarkable toolset to change the way campers across the nation plan their leaf-peeping getaways, according to the release.

“Fall is a magical season, and we’re excited to make it even more accessible,” said Hipcamp’s CEO Alyssa Ravasio. “Our 2023 Fall Foliage Map provides campers with intelligent insights into when and where the fall foliage is expected to be at its peak. This level of predictive detail layered over the nation’s best campsites has never been made available for free in a single place until now. We’re proud to make it simple to find the nation’s best public and private land campsites from which to enjoy autumn’s stunning colors.”

How the map was developed

To create the map, Hipcamp’s data team developed a proprietary machine learning model to analyze a variety of factors that include: temperature; precipitation; satellite image data; latitude; elevation; historical observations; range maps from the U.S. Forest Service for each of the nation’s most colorful trees — maples (Acer.), Oaks (Quercus), and poplars (Populus); and current regional fall foliage reports produced at the state level.

“When it comes to fall foliage, a multitude of factors can influence when you can see peak fall colors,” said Hipcamp Lead Data Analyst Daniel Tomko. “There are primary cues such as sunlight and temperature. But there are other factors to consider when trying to predict peak fall foliage timing: weather conditions during the growing season, tree species, nutrient availability, elevation, and wind. In general, fall colors peak earlier in the north and at high elevations, and tend to peak later in the south and at lower elevations.”

Explore the Hipcamp Fall Foliage Map here.

With Hipcamp’s 2023 Fall Foliage Map, users can:

• Plan Fall Getaways: Determine the optimal week to witness fall foliage in any given county within the contiguous United States.

• Discover Ideal Campsites: Find the private Hipcamp or iconic public campsite from which to view the changing colors of fall. Campers can select from secluded forest tent sites, lakeside RV spots and cozy cabins across the nation.

• Enjoy Personalized Recommendations: By clicking the “Search near me” button, users can find even more available campsites in a given area and use Hipcamp’s 40-plus filters to create the perfect camping experience.

For more information about Hipcamp and its commitment to connecting people with the outdoors, visit hipcamp.com