Hipcamp, an online marketplace that offers outdoor stays and camping experiences via a website and mobile app, has grown over the last few years, along with the entire outdoor recreation industry, according to a press release.

The platform has seen recent 500% growth in nights spent outside by all types of campers. “For RV nights outside, in particular, it’s actually almost a 1,500% increase year over year,” said CEO and Founder Alyssa Ravasio.

In addition to being an alternative to the traditional campground, Hipcamp offers privacy, with many properties limited to a single campsite. “This is so different from almost all of the other options available to people with RVs because you can get privacy and you can get space; you really can be in nature and not be surrounded by so many other people and noise and infrastructure and development,” she noted.

Some of the spaces are for dry camping, others have water or electric hookups. Campers can use filters on the website or in the app to find the right spot for their needs.

“Where else are you going to get 10, 50, a hundred acres, all to yourself?” asked Ravasio. “You can go to places where, in addition to having a beautiful view and maybe a river, you can also have some fresh farm eggs that you can buy, or you can go on a permaculture tour, or you could get some wine that was grown right on site. I think that kind of diversity of unique experiences is a big draw for people.”

Hipcamp operates in the U.S., Canada and Australia. For more information, head to hipcamp.com or search for the smartphone app.