A 2-year-old boy will join more than 100 AIDS activists convening on Monday (Sept. 3) at the Alabama RV park where he was turned away from using the shared pool and showers because he is HIV-positive, according to Los Angeles Advocate.
Caleb Glover and his adoptive parents Silvia and Dick Glover were vacationing at the Wales West RV Park in July when site owner Ken Zadnichek turned the family away. Since then, Zadnichek has apologized and welcomed the activists to a “Family Reunion” organized by the Campaign to End AIDS this Labor Day.
Larry Bryant, the leader of the organization, said in a statement that he is looking forward to shining a spotlight on the intolerance the disease brings. “What happened at Wales West proves that we still have to fight stigma and discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS,” he said.