The recent closure of the Clarion Hotel on South 4th Street caused many to lose reservations just weeks before move-in week at Baylor University in Texas  began and highlighted the benefits of seeking alternative housing options for visitors, the Baylor Lariat reported.

Dr. Darrell Caldwell, father of a Baylor graduate, said he frequents RV parks in Waco instead of searching for hotels so he can guarantee he’ll have a place to stay when he wants to visit his daughter or watch a Baylor football game.

“Really when we started is when the kids went off to college,” Caldwell said. “We rented RVs for the first two years, every possible kind, to decide what we wanted to buy.”

Caldwell said having his own RV not only releases him from the worries of cancellation and trip ruined but also allows him to tailgate during the games.

“We have a secured amount of space, we have our own bedroom and everything in there is ours,” Caldwell said. “We are always there the evening before and have a place to stay. It’s our own mobile hotel room.”

The benefits of RVs do not stop with convenience: they also create a community, Caldwell said.

“The RV community is a really neat, family fun oriented community,” he said. “You make friends.”

This RV community, however, does have limitations similar to hotels because RV lots for game day, located at the Ferrell Center and managed by Baylor’s Athletic Department, can sell out for the entirety of a season before even the first game, Caldwell said.

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