Dunn County in western North Dakota will lift its crew camp moratorium June 1.

The Board of County Commissioners decided on Wednesday (May 16) that it will also ask the planning and zoning committee to set parameters on the number of beds and locations if different from what is stated in the zoning ordinance, The Dickinson Press reported.

“We need a place for these people to stay,” said Commissioner Tim Steffan. “If there is no place for these people to stay, they’re going to stay in all of these other places, but I think we need restrictions on them. Zero tolerance.”

Over the past year, Dunn County commissioners approved construction of six crew camps. Camps housing more than 1,000 oil workers are already in operation in Killdeer and Manning, small communities located north of Dickinson.

Sandy Rohde, planning and zoning administrator, said she receives daily requests from oil workers who are looking for places to park their RVs for three months.

Not only will lifting the moratorium allow for oil workers to find housing easier, but Commissioner Donna Scott, who is also on the planning and zoning committee, said it would benefit emergency service workers.