The hydroelectric company in Milton, Ontario, continued working to restore power Monday to the community after an ice storm did much damage, including to a campground.

Milton Hydro reported to the Milton Canadian Champion that most of the power had been restored by Monday (Dec. 23) in Milton following a weekend ice storm that knocked down trees and power lines across town.

Milton Hydro CEO Frank Lasowski said there were still some 1,000 people without power on Monday morning — the majority of those customers in the rural north part of town and some pockets in the west end.

Six hydro crews worked around the clock all weekend, he said, struggling to restore power to some 15,000 homes that were in the dark since the storm hit late Saturday night. He said in his 25 years of hydro work, he’s never seen a storm this bad.

Some 49 people who live year-’round at Milton Heights Campground have no electricity or running water. Jean Casarin, the manager of the 42-year-old campground said they’re in pretty rough shape. The damage is terrible, she said, with numerous trees knocked down at the Tremaine Road campground.

“Nothing in Milton compares to the (damage) that we have,” she said, noting she drove around town earlier in the day.

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