As the Teton County (Idaho) Fair Board looks to the future of the fairgrounds, two ideas have come to the forefront as projects for upcoming years: a RV park and a motor and snow cross track, according to the Teton Valley News.

Fair board Chair Katie Salsbury presented those ideas to the county commissioners at Monday’s (Oct. 22) meeting, hoping for some feedback before the fair board begins the formal process of approval from the county and City of Driggs.

“We’ve been doing a lot out there as far as trying to improve the fairgrounds and making them more appealing to a diverse group of users,” Salsbury said.

Some of those improvements include landscaping, moveable bleachers and a remodeled kitchen.

Salsbury explained that both the motocross track and the RV campground, which is proposed for the space next to the Teton Valley Museum, could provide a good revenue stream for the fairgrounds. She added that Driggs was supportive of both ideas and that public works Director Jay Mazalewski had good input to offer on writing grants for RV parks.

Commissioner Harley Wilcox said he was not in favor of an RV park that competes with private enterprises.

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