The following story is courtesy of KGBT-TV, Harlingen, Texas.

Usually illegal immigrants are found hiding out in more rural or run-down areas, but not in areas as luxurious as the Victoria Palms RV Resort in Donna, Texas.

A phone call from management about a possible stash house led Donna police to the park on Monday afternoon (June 4).

By the time officers and Border Patrol agents arrived, neighbors saw over a dozen illegal immigrants jump the fence and flee into a nearby cornfield.

Though it seems stash-house busts are on the rise in the Rio Grande Valley, Lt. Rick Suarez says the Victoria Palms was the last place he thought as a pit stop for human smugglers.

“I’m very surprised to see that that’s where they’re storing them now. Normally, they’d stash them in old beat up houses. In this particular case, I guess they were storing them there. But it got people’s attention,” admits the lieutenant.

Lt. Suarez then says police and border patrol officers rounded up 12 men and one woman.

They all admitted they’d been traveling to the U.S. all the way from El Salvador.

Management at the Victoria Palms chose not to comment about this case. They say they are still waiting for the investigation to finish.