Salem Reservoir photo courtesy of Salem, Ill., website.

The Salem, Ill., City Council has agreed to complete a feasibility study on the possibility of constructing a campground on the Salem Reservoir, WJBD Radio reported.

Councilman Kip Meador suggested the idea for property near the north entrance to the Nature Trail off North Broadway.

“Currently the land is under utilized. I think it would be an excellent spot to have a campground that would be utilized year round, primarily from spring through fall for people that live locally and want to go camping. They don’t have to go very far. A lot of our residents go to Forbes and Carlyle. We could offer something very local,” Meador said. He feels having people in the remote area could also cut down on some undesirable activities that have occurred in the past.

Public Works Director John Pruden noted the city council had earlier rejected the idea of camping facilities in Bryan Memorial Park after area residents objected. The feasibility study will look at the cost of developing the campground facility and how many camping spaces could be created.