Dubois County Park Dubois County (Ind.) Commissioners decided to invest $350,000 of the $8.3 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds to support efforts to add to the Dubois County Park, according to the Dubois County Free Press.

The park board recently bid out work for the renovations that included adding 14 RV campsites, trail improvements and the addition of a bathroom and information area. The park board received a $250,000 Land and Conservation Grant which it had to match with $250,000.

Only one bid was received and it came in just under $1.1 million.

Dubois Park Board President Christine Prior surmised that since the amount of money the board had to spend was publicly shared in the news, contractors decided it wasn’t worth bidding on the project.

Planners determined the cost of the construction could be cut by about $200,000 if they switched from copper wiring for the new RV campsites to aluminum.

A large portion of the cost of the project is tied up in the infrastructure necessary to add the new structures and RV campsites. By modifying the plans to use aluminum wire instead of copper wire and making other adjustments in using existing utility lines, the architect estimated about $200,000 could be cut from the cost. But it would still be more money than the park board has in hand.

Prior told commissioners they were seeking involvement from the community to raise the remaining funds, but the grant comes with a timeline. The work has to be completed by June of 2023.

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