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A petition before the Warsaw Board of Zoning Appeals Monday to have a campground at 802 S. Buffalo St., Warsaw, was unanimously denied. Photo by David Slone, Times-Union.

There won’t be a campground along South Buffalo Street in Warsaw, Ind., the Board of Zoning Appeals decided Monday (Dec. 28) night, according to the Times Union.

Norman Hoyt petitioned the board of zoning appeals (BZA) for a use variance to allow a campground in a Commercial-2 zoning district at 802 S. Buffalo St., Warsaw. The existing land use is a commercial garage, Global Auto, and the adjoining lot is unused, according to information provided on the petition.

Assistant City Planner Jonny Latsko said campgrounds are not listed in the city’s table of permitted uses, so its status has to be determined by the BZA as outlined in the city’s code. The only existing campground in the city is Pike Lake Campground. Hoyt plans to create a campground that would have 13 campsites, laundry facilities, shower facilities and an office.

In order to be permitted, the campground would need to be in line with all state codes, including Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliance, electrical and plumbing and any relevant state releases, Latsko said.

The neighborhood is an area characterized by the transition between residential and commercial uses, he said. To the south and west is predominantly residential, and to the north and east is predominantly commercial. The lot is visible from both residential and commercial areas.

Latsko said it was the recommendation of the building and planning department that “due to the concerns raised by the neighbors, conflict with the comprehensive plan and potential land use nuisances, the planning department does not recommend the board look favorably upon this request.”

Alan Hoyt, Global Auto owner, said the design is to take a piece of unused land, which people have complained about because people walk on it and just hang out there and create a “state-of-the-art” place for people to camp and be with their family. All the requirements of a campground will be met, and it would be designed by an architect. He said it would have a retaining wall to create a sound barrier. Because of the lay of the land, he said he didn’t see smoke being an issue. He also said it would help attract tourism to the area.

Numerous individuals said the development didn’t make sense for the area.

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