Bass Lake Campground The Starke County (Ind.) Park Board plans to take direct control of the Bass Lake Beach and Campground from Callahan Development, LLC., according to WKVI.

The company had a lease on the county-owned park property until 2028. But during a special park board meeting Tuesday (April 27), county officials argued that it ended with the death of the company’s owner, Richard Callahan, since the lease required him to “personally control and direct” the business’s operations.

Board Member Kathy Norem said there’s been an “involuntary relinquishment” of that control. “So henceforth, the county will now control the operation of the property and all of its services,” she said.

Board members unanimously voted to terminate the contract, as of Callahan’s date of death. The change would mean that any revenues will go to the county, along with the responsibility for any expenses. Previously, Callahan Development kept the income and was supposed to pay the county a rental fee.

Visitors and campers are not likely to see much of an impact on day-to-day operations, at least for this year. The park board agreed to keep current manager Larry Clarich as an independent contractor. He’ll get $33,000 plus the use of a campsite, to manage the facility for the upcoming season.

Norem said that with the beach and campground due to open soon, options were limited. “Clarich has the expertise in running it, and near as I can tell although I wasn’t on the park board from before, it’s been at least satisfactory to the parties that are involved,” Norem said. “I don’t know if I would say that it’s been wonderful exactly, but at least he knows what he’s doing and he’s been out there.”

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