The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has been awarded a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) grant for a tree planting project in the Indiana Dunes State Park campground, LaPorteCountyLife.com reported.

In recent years, a large scale die-off of trees has occurred in the campground due to a lack of age diversity in the trees. Through funding from the GLRI, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources will reforest the campground area with approximately 80 new trees of varying ages and species. While a number of species will be planted, predominantly red, white, and black oak, all species will be native.

Replacing dying trees with healthy ones will:

  • Help stabilize the nearshore habitat along Dunes Creek.
  • Reduce erosion and resulting sedimentation loads into the river, and, subsequently, Lake Michigan.
  • Provide wildlife habitat.
  • Help regulate temperatures in the campground.
  • Enhance visitor experience.

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