RV Park Koep FB page The “RV Park/ Campground Owners and Managers Operations & Marketing Forum,” a private Facebook group, is nearing 2,700 active members, an increase of 80% in one year, according to the group’s founder and moderator, Mark Koep, the CEO and founder of CampgroundViews.com.

Launched three and a half years ago, the group gives outdoor destination owners, operators, and managers the opportunity to discuss and learn about improving their business operations. The group provides a year-round forum for outdoor professionals to learn and share their experiences.

“We recognize the importance of this community as the single largest gathering of outdoor hospitality professionals in the world,” stated Koep. “We are excited to see that this group has made significant contributions to improve the overall operational excellence of our industry.”

The group was originally established in 2017 and has steadily grown to contain members from the United States and nine other countries including Canada, Australia, Mexico, India, and New Zealand.

“We work to engage the operators in a supportive environment to share their honest experiences and recommendations,” said Kope.

The group has also spawned two other Facebook Groups plus the OutdoorBusinessPros.com operations that supported the Back to Camping Summit and The Virtual Glamping Show USA.

One of the additional groups is the “Get into the RV Park and Campground Business Group” designed for aspiring owners or operators looking to get into the industry. With over 1,000 members, this group has shown significant growth as a result of the overall interest spike in RV and camping-related businesses.

In addition to the organic conversations, Koep actively seeks out vendors and professional partners to join in the conversation. Recent guests discussed topics including shopping electric utility rates, Care Camp donation drives, and first-person accounts from existing park owners..

All current outdoor destination owners, operators and managers are invited to join the group at the following url: https://www.facebook.com/groups/parkowners/

For individuals interested in learning more about getting into the business, they are invited to join that group using the following url: https://www.facebook.com/groups/outdoorbusiness

For information on Campgroundviews.com contact Mark Koep at (805) 341-3828 or email mark@campgroundviews.com.