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WCM’s Park Update: CCRVC Upcoming Conference, Trends in Canada
Cara Csizmadia, the membership coordinator for the Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC), joins WCM's Park Update to talk about the association's upcoming virtual conference and some of the highlights that attendees can expect. She also dives into the health of the outdoor hospitality industry in Canada and some of the trends park owners are noticing coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.
WCM’s Park Update: Glamping Startup Mitten Getaways Glamping Co.
Mike and Melissa Crowe joined WCM's Park Update to chat about the progress of their new venture, Mitten Getaways Glamping Co. Currently, the couple is looking for a piece of land to purchase with the idea of building a small, tranquil glamping park in northeastern Michigan. The Crowes talk about some of the challenges they have faced while trying to find a piece of land that fits their vision, the ideas they have on what the park will provide, the steps they have taken to educate themselves about the industry and more.
WCM’s Park Update: CampersCard’s Joel Holland on New Program, Harvest Hosts
Joel Holland, founder, and CEO of Harvest Hosts and the new program CampersCard, joins WCM's Park Update to chat about how CampersCard benefits park owners and how the program is a natural extension of the work Harvest Hosts does to work with park owners. Holland also discusses the recent issue Harvest Hosts dealt with in California when one county went after several Harvest Hosts sites and the work the company does to ensure they stay on the right side of local laws.
WCM’s Park Update: Campground View’s Mark Koep on Conferences, Year Ahead
Mark Koep, the founder and CEO of Campground Views, joins the show to chat about the health of the industry, how national conferences fared this past fall, trends for the year ahead, and more. A well-known figure in the outdoor hospitality industry, Koep is always full of valuable insights.
WCM’s Park Update: Zach Stoltenberg from Clockwork on Park Design
Zach Stoltenberg, from Clockwork, an architectural firm, joined WCM's Park Update to chat about the work the company has been doing on new development and expansion projects. He spoke about some of the keys to designing a park the right way and what developers should be considering as they build out a park. He also discusses current industry trends and other topics.
Sponsored Video: Midwest Electric Products
Since 1945, Midwest Electric Products is an industry leader in manufacturing quality weatherproof electrical equipment. Our product portfolio includes solutions for commercial and residential construction, outdoor living, recreation and agriculture.
WCM’s Park Update: Glampitect’s Nick Purslow on Differences in Glamping
Nick Purslow, the regional chief executive officer of Glampitect, joins WCM's Park Update to discuss the growth of Glampitect, the services it provides to park developers and owners, and about the expansion of glamping in North America. Purslow also talks about the differences in glamping between the UK and North America, and on some of the challenges that park developers face as they look to build a glamping park.
Mass. Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito on Creation of State Outdoor Rec. Office
John DiPietro, an RV industry veteran and host of the 'Camper Report' and 'RVing in New England,' attended Massachusetts' Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito recent announcement about the creation of the Massachusetts State Office of Outdoor Recreation.
WCM’s Park Update: Rue Mapp, of Outdoor Afro, on Diversity in the Outdoors
Rue Mapp, the founder of Outdoor Afro, joined WCM's Park Update to discuss the organization's efforts to provide access to the outdoors to underserved groups. She talks about the success and growth of her organization and the overall growth of more diverse populations taking part in RVing and camping. Enjoy the show!
WCM’s Park Update: Previewing the Campground Owners Expo
Danielle Todd & Lori Severson, organizers of the Campground Owners Expo, along with Dennis Steinman, founder of Plainscraft Covered Wagons, join WCM's Park Update to talk about the upcoming Campground Owners Expo in Branson, Mo. Severson and Todd both note that they are expecting an even larger show than last year, along with more experiential opportunities and educational sessions. Steinman highlights the expo portion of the show, which is expected to be even larger this year. Enjoy the show!
WCM’s Park Update: KOA CEO Toby O’Rourke on Company’s Outlook
Toby O’Rourke, the CEO and president of Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) joins WCM’s Park Update to talk about the tremendous growth of the company — over 300% since 2011 — and the health of the industry as KOA continues to aggressively expand. O’Rourke discusses KOA’s new headquarters which are being built in Billings, Mont.; how competition has impacted its ability to acquire parks; the company’s decision to build more parks; its expansion of the Terramor brand; how KOA is encouraging its parks to add EV chargers and more. Enjoy the [...]
WCM’s Park Update: KOA’s Convention Set to Celebrate 60 Years
Kama Humphrey, KOA’s director of training and events, joins WCM's Park Update to discuss the franchise system's upcoming convention in Orlando, Fla., from Nov. 14-17. Humphrey notes that the conference will feature a variety of educational sessions, an IdeaXchange, a large expo and some exciting entertainment options. 
WCM’s Park Update: Nat. ARVC on Upcoming OHCE in Orlando
WCM's Park Update featured David Basler, vice president of membership and marketing at the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (National ARVC), and Susan Motley, National ARVC’s senior director of education and events, during its most recent show at 3 p.m. EDT on Oct. 18 and discussed National ARVC’s upcoming Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo (OHCE) in Orlando, Fla.
WCM’s Park Update: Previewing Camp Jellystone’s 2022 Symposium
Nearly a year after being acquired by Sun Outdoors, Camp Jellystone is ready to gather its franchisees at the Embassy Suites Hotel and the Charleston Area Convention Center in North Charleston, S.C., from Nov. 6-9. Marley Behnke, Camp Jellystone’s director of franchise education, joins WCM’s Park Update to give a preview of the conference and what attendees can expect.
WCM’s Park Update: Go RVing Celebrating 25 Years
Go RVing is celebrating 25 years in 2022 and WCM’s Park Update caught up with Sarah Neely, senior manager of strategic marketing at Go RVing, and Courtney Bias, director of strategic marketing at Go RVing, to celebrate the milestone and get an update on what the organization has been working on and what it is focused on for the future.
WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update: Preview of The Glamping Show USA
David Korse, the owner of The Glamping Show USA, joins WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update to give viewers an update on plans for The Glamping Show USA, which runs from Oct. 4-5 at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds in Aurora, Colo.
WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update: Jeff Sims on Legislative Updates, Ind. Trends
Jeff Sims, senior director of state relations and program advocacy at the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (National ARVC), joined WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update to discuss the current legislative work he is focused on, the importance of National ARVC’s work on getting RV parks and campgrounds classified as "essential businesses" and more.
WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update: Campground Owners Survey
Scott Bahr, president of Cairn Consulting Group, and Billie McNamara, general manager of Loons Haven Family Campground, joined the show to chat about the recently released Campground Owner & Manager Survey that was supported by Woodall’s Campground Magazine.
WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update: Mercer Provides Update on Care Camps
Jennifer Mercer, the director of development for Care Camps, joins the show to talk about how Care Camps is fairing in 2022 and on some of the initiatives that the organization has been focused on.
WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update: Utilizing Your Park’s Natural Assets
Greg Emmert joins WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update to chat about park ownership, different experiential events that park owners/operators can offer involving a park’s natural environment and his new consulting business. After owning a 240-site Kamprounds of America Inc. park in northeast Ohio, Greg moved on to a new chapter. While owning his park, Emmert used to host nature-themed events including stargazing, nature walks, insect hunts and more.
WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update: Economic Factors & Development
Jayne Cohen, owner of Campground Consulting Group LLC, and her brother David Cohen, also an associate at Campground Consulting Group LLC, join WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update to discuss how inflation and rising interest rates are impacting the park development space.
WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update: Legal Issues & Violent Events
Christine Taylor, a Principal Partner at The Towne Law Firm, P.C. in the firm’s Albany, N.Y., office, joins the show to discuss current legal topics impacting the outdoor hospitality industry, as well as explore the liability issues park owners face when it comes to active shooter events or other violent incidents.
WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update: App My Community on Growth, RVing
Joe & Rose Duemig, co-founders of App My Community, joined WCM to talk about the growth of App My Community, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2022. They also discussed the current state of RV travel, having completed a marathon RV trip with their six children last fall that involved more than two dozen states over the span of four months. The family also hit the road this past spring for a shorter trip.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: Founders of Spacious Skies Campgrounds
Ali and Eric Rasmussen, the founders of Spacious Skies Campgrounds, which now owns 10 parks along the eastern section of the U.S., joined the show to talk about the company's incredible growth, including its recent one-year anniversary, why the Rasmussens began buying parks, what they look for before acquiring a park, how they have rapidly scaled the size of their business, challenges they are facing, the future of the company…etc.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: Blue Water's Todd Burbage
Todd Burbage, CEO of Blue Water Development, joins the show to talk about the growth of the company, Blue Water’s strong relationship with Sun Outdoors and KOA, and his views on the industry as a whole.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: AGA's Ruben Martinez on Glamping
Ruben Martinez, the co-founder of Glamping Hub and the founder of the American Glamping Association (AGA), joined WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update to talk about the growth of the AGA, its main priorities as glamping parks continue to pop up around the country and more.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: CHM’s Bailey on Public, Private Invest.
Margaret Bailey, senior vice president of CHM Government Services joins WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update to talk about campgrounds in the public sector, public/private partnerships, RVIA’s recent National Campground Market Survey — which CHM helped produce, how public and private parks can better meet the needs of campers, how recent public funding is going to impact public and private parks and much more.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: FARVC’s Cornwell on Conf., Camping
Bobby Cornwell, president and CEO of the Florida and Alabama RV Park & Campground Associations, joins the show to talk about FARVC’s upcoming conference and to discuss how the growth in camping has impacted the Sunshine State.
WCM Interview with KOA's CEO Toby O'Rourke
WCM caught up with KOA's CEO Toby O'Rourke after her speech at the 2022 RV Industry Power Breakfast to get a few updates on what the KOA system is focused on, challenges it is tackling, public/private partnerships and more.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update--KOA Report Data
Scott Bahr, president of Cairn Consulting Group, joins the show to discuss KOA's 2022 North American Camping Report.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: David Korse on Glamping Show, Mag
WCM’s conversation with David Korse highlights the work he is doing to prepare for this October’s conference, the success of the Glamping Business Americas publication and focuses on a discussion of how glamping continues to grow in North America.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: UcamP & Park Automation
Becky and Sam Phillips, the owners of UcamP Express in Salem, Ill., join the show to chat about the automation they use at the park and how they operate the park without a full-time staff on-site.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: Veteran Industry Journalists
WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update takes a look at how the outdoor hospitality industry has evolved over the past few decades with veteran industry journalists Jeff Crider and Rick Kessler. Both journalists have worked for decades covering the RV and campground industries.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: RVIA's Bill Baker on Campground Report
WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update invited RVIA’s Vice President of Membership & Research Bill Baker to the show to talk about RVIA's new report that looks at the availability of campsites and campground amenities at federal, state, municipal, and private campgrounds across the United States.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update---Tackling Electrical Issues at Your Park
To help park owners sort through some of the electrical questions they may have and to gauge recent trends and how they impact park owners, WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update invited Mike Sorensen, the president of Wild Energy Inc. and Darren Foley, from Utility Supply Group, to sort through the details and answer audience questions.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: How Will Gas, Inflation Impact Camping?
Gas prices have moved up over the past few weeks and inflation is also at an all-time high. This all begs the question, how will this impact RVing and travel in general this summer? To help us sort through these issues and more WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update is excited to be bringing on Lloyd Lauland, president of RVC Outdoor Destinations, and Monika Geraci, director of public relations and communications for the RV Industry Association.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: Former KOA CEO Rogers on State of Ind.
WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Industry catches up with former Kampgrounds of America (KOA) CEO Jim Rogers. Rogers’ career in the hospitality industry started 50 years ago when, as a new graduate from the University of California-Berkeley, he joined Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA), as a management trainee in 1972. After time away from KOA, he returned to KOA in January 2000 to become the CEO of the company. Rogers focused on strategic partnerships and corporate growth as KOA’s chairman and chief executive officer. Rogers retired from KOA in 2016.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: Selling Your Park
WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update invited Mia Caetano Johnson, a commercial real estate broker with Northeast Campground Brokers, to discuss when is the best time to sell a park, what owners should do to prepare their parks to be sold, the process of selling a park, how to prepare for family transitions and more.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: Tengo Internet and the State of Wi-Fi
Eric Stumberg, TengoInternet’s CEO, joins the show to talk about some of the interesting highlights of the company's 2022 State of the Industry Report, including how the industry is meeting customer expectations, the trend towards premium internet access, and how Wi-Fi impacts the guest experience. Stumberg also touched on other tech trends as WCM works to prepare owners for what is expected to be a busy 2022.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: RVer's Perspective on Industry Growth
Jason Epperson, founder and editor of RV Miles, along with being a host of the podcasts “America’s National Parks” and “See America,” joined the show as WCM looks at the surge of interest in the RVing lifestyle and its impact on parks across North America.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: Chris Hipple, Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurance.
Many park owners have seen insurance rates move up as more natural disasters occur, the COVID crisis continues, parks add more amenities and features, and so on. Other issues impacting the outdoor hospitality industry include employee concerns, ADA issues, cybersecurity and more. WCM’s Outdoor Hospitality Update invited Chris Hipple, vice president of Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurance, to the show to discuss insurance trends and the outlook for 2022.
Camper Report: 2022 Camping Forecast & More!
You could win a Factory-to-Fabulous Keystone Springdale 1750RD, renovated by the Flipping Nomad, Cortni Armstrong! Support HoldYou Foundation and Win Amazing Prizes! We also get the 2022 Camping Forecast with Ben Quiggle, editor of Woodall's Campground Magazine. All that and the latest news of the week.
WCM's Hospitality Update: KOA's Larry Brownfield on Development Trends
Larry Brownfield, senior director of franchise development at Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA), joined the show to talk about the growth in new developments and expansions, challenges developers face, trends and other issues.
Camper Report: How We Survived an Overnight Traffic Jam in our RV
Having an RV or towable in an overnight traffic jam can be a life saver! This week we sit down with a new RVing couple got stuck in a winter jam while detouring on their way home. Bob also chats with Matt Olds of East to West RV about their current models and why quality matters. All that and the hot travel and RV news of the week!
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update---Park Financing, Equipment Rentals and More
WCM was excited to bring on Paul Bosley, from the Business Finance Depot, to discuss financial trends in the outdoor hospitality industry, including development financing, equipment rentals, expansion loans and more.
3 Ways You Can Improve Customer Service During an Employee Shortage
Our economy has been turned upside down by the Great Resignation, and everyone you talk to now is understaffed. So, take a step back and consider what that really means, as well as how you treat your customers. Consider some approaches to ensuring that your customers are satisfied. Save some time for yourself, save some time for your customer, and let's make everyone happy again by providing excellent customer service.
Go RVing and Black Folks Camp Too
Earl Hunter, founder and owner of Black Folks Camp Too introduces his new series about how to work with and reach black consumers.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update--Changing Landscape of Park Mgt.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update invited Scott Foos, CEO and co-owner of Horizon Outdoor Hospitality, and Billie McNamara, general manager of Loon’s Haven Family Campground in Maine, onto the show to discuss how managing a park has evolved over the years due to customer demands and the changing of technology.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update—KOA's CEO & President Toby O'Rourke
Kampgrounds of America Inc.'s CEO and President Toby O'Rourke joined WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update to talk about the health of the company, what the company is focused on for the future and other topics on RVing and camping in general.
Purchasing Products Using a Resale Certificate
Are you paying too much for the cost of goods sold or your products that will be resold in your store? Well, if you're not using a resale certificate when you purchase those products that will be resold. You are in fact paying too much and you don't need to.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update---How to Secure & Keep Work Campers
WCM started off the show with its co-host Ben Quiggle, editor of Woodall's Campground Magazine, and Mike Gast, former vice president of communications at Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) and a senior writer for RVTravel.com. Kama Humphrey, from Kampgrounds of America Inc., joined about 20 minutes in as the show discussed work camping trends and best practices for hiring work campers.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update--Sorting Through the Data
Scott Bahr, president of Cairn Consulting Group, joins WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update as the show takes a look at all of the data swirling around the outdoor hospitality industry and how you can use it to improve your park.
'RVB on the Road' Visits Colorado Camper Vans
“RVBusiness on the Road” with correspondent Niki Benedict of “Connecting Thru” stopped by Colorado Camper Vans on a recent trip and spent time with owner Derek Weber to learn more about his pop-top Class B motorhomes and the niche he is serving.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update---What are Families Looking For?
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update is joined by Trent Hershenson, vice president of marketing for Leisure Systems Inc. (LSI), and Duncan and Kitty Winship, the owners of Papoose Pond Family Campground & Cabins in Waterford, Maine, as the show dives into families and what they are looking for when it comes to RVing and camping.
WCM's Outdoor Hopsitality Update---What About Snowbirds?
Shane Devenish, executive director of the Canadian Camping and RV Council, and Jennifer Mason, owner of the Point South / I-95 / Yemassee KOA Holiday, joined WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update to discuss what the snowbird market looks like heading into winter.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update---Glamping at Your Park
Broadcasting live from The Glamping Show USA, today's guests are David Korse, owner/operator of The Glamping Show USA, and Scott Cory, the owner of the Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday. We will be diving into how you can incorporate glamping at your park and how the glamping industry has taken off in North America.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update---EVs & The Future Impact on Industry
Mike Sokol, an RV electrical expert and writer for RVTravel.com, along with Gene Zanger, owner of Casa de Fruta, joined the show as we dived into EVs and how park owners need to prepare as more hit the roads.
'RVBusiness on the Road' Visits with Aspen Acres Campground
Niki Benedict, correspondent for the "RVBusiness on the Road" video series for RVBusiness and its sister publication, Woodall's Campground Magazine, recently traveled through Colorado where she met with the owner/managers of Aspen Acres Campground, which is located in the Isabel Mountain Range in Rye, CO. at 9,200 feet of elevation.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update--Camper Reservation Tricks
With sites filling up it is no surprise that campers have come up with some inventive solutions to try and nab the perfect campsite — not to mention try and profit off them as well. Our guests, Mark Koep, founder of CampgroundViews.com, and Kathleen Walsh, founder of Advanced Outdoor Solutions, are going to talk on the issues park owners are noticing and how they could impact the future of the industry.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update---Vaccine Mandates
WCM discusses vaccine mandates and how they could impact the outdoor hospitality industry, including ways to implement a vaccine mandate for employees or campers at your park.
The Addams Family RV Orchestra
Real RVers use the sounds of their RVs to recreate the infamous "Snap Snap" song from the Addams Family 2 movie.
WCM Discusses The Glamping Show USA
Our guest is The Glamping Show USA organizer David Korse. The show is set to take place from Oct. 5-6 in Aurora, Colo., and Korse notes that the show is prepared to offer not only education but also a much larger expo. Learn more at https://www.glampingshow.us/.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update--Boondocking
Joining us this week is Michigan-based RVer and creator of the RV Lifestyle website, podcast and YouTube channel, Mike Wendland. Mike, along with his wife Jennifer, recently published a book entitled, “The Complete Guide to Boondocking.”; Harvest Hosts‘ Chief of Staff Wes Clark; and Amir Harpaz, owner of Fort Myers, Fla.-based Harp Development and several parks. He is also a board member with the Florida RV Park and Campground Association.
Should your Campground have Weekly Rates?
In this video, we'll talk about whether or not your campground should have weekly rates. We'll cover the pros and cons of having a weekly rate for camping, as well as some other considerations to keep in mind when deciding if it's right for you.
Are you Operating your Campground on a Schedule E?
Campgrounds can be taxed in many different ways, depending on the elections, the owners, personal taxation strategies and how the entity was formed. However, an operating campground is not one of those. Schedule E is for passive activities and in most cases operating a campground will not qualify as a passive activity.
WCM Show Focuses on Camper Etiquette
This week's guests were Barb Krumm, Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Nanci Dixon, a writer for RVtravel.com, where she covers “on the ground” campground issues including crowding and etiquette (along with a lot more); and Lana Thiesen, manager of Centennial RV Park in Fort McMurray, Alberta
‘Camper Report’ Highlights The Glamping Show USA
This week we are joined by the creators of "RV Destination", a new RV travel publication that showcases awesome RV destinations and hidden gems you can travel to. Bob is also joined by David Korse of The Glamping Show USA to chat about glamping and the upcoming event.
WCM's Outdoor Hospitality Update: RV Dealer Issues
WCM's Ben Quiggle and Mike Gast, former VP of communications for Kampgrounds of America and a senior writer for RVTravel.com, welcome Phil Ingrassia, president of the RV Dealer’s Association (RVDA), and Chris Andro, chairman of the RVDA board of directors and owner of Hemlock Hills RV Sales in Southington, Conn., to the show.
PCOA Ad Campaign--30 Second Version
The Pennsylvania Campgrounds Owners Association (PCOA) is broadcasting this 30-second ad in multiple states as part of an ad campaign.
PCOA Ad Campaign--15 Second Version
The Pennsylvania Campgrounds Owners Association (PCOA) is broadcasting this 15-second ad in multiple states as part of an ad campaign.
Camper Report: Expanding RV Resorts & RVing
This week, John speaks with Tristan Farrell from Sunlight Resorts about the growth of the RV resort and camping industry. Bob also talks with Sandy Ellingson about the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, including RV LIFE's participation and what to expect at the event.
Camper Report: RVTI & RVSpotDrop
Struggling to find an RV campsite? RV Spot Drop may be what you need. It's an automated system that finds site openings directly from the campgrounds in the area you need. Camper Report also discusses the growing career opportunities in the RV industry with the president of RVTI, Curt Hemmeler, and the benefits of correctional trade career paths.
What's your Exit Routine when Guests Leave?
What is your internal routine when guests leave? What do you do to clean up the site? Check it out, make sure it's ready for your next guest and in prime condition.
Spot2Nite Featured on NXT 48 Podcast
The NXT Entrepreneur podcast spotlighted Terry, CEO and Sam, COO of Spot2Nite. Spot2Nite is an app that allows you to book RV camp sites in real-time at a moment's notice. This fast-growing app that is available for Iphone and Android users launched in March 2021 and has 13,000+ people already using the app.
Camper Report
This week we chat with Ben Quiggle, Editor at Woodall's Campground Magazine, about the growth of camping amenities and connecting the RV dealer/camping industry to benefit all travelers. Bob also chats with Win Semmler, author of "From Retired to Small Business Owner".
Re-evaluate, Re-invent your Cancellation Policy
Make sure that your cancellation policy makes sense for both you as a campground owner and for your campers.
Campspot: One Platform, Many Unique Stories
Camspot highlights some of the unique campgrounds, RV parks and glamping locations it works with.
Campground 101: List of Repairs and Improvements
Don't just create a list of repairs and improvements in your head for your park. Create a list to look at the priorities, the first thing you want to do is look at the return on investment that each of those items would create.
Pool Safety for Campgrounds | Marshall & Sterling
Irene Jones, from Marshall and Sterling, discusses pool safety best practices for campgrounds and RV parks.
Camper Report: The Future of Camping
John chats with Ben Quiggle, from Woodall's Camping Magazine, about how campground management is adjusting to the shifting culture. Bob also speaks with Chuck Woodbury, of RVtravel.com, about campground difficulties and changes that need to be made.
How 'Great Reopening' Has Benefitted Outdoorsy
Outdoorsy founder and CEO Jeff Cavins discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted his business on FOX Business.
WCM Fireside Chats: RV/PMRV Industry Numbers
Monika Geraci, senior manager of marketing strategy and operations at the RV Industry Association (RVIA); Shane Devenish, executive director of the Canadian Camping and RV Council; and Dick Grymonprez, the PMRV representative on RVIA’s board and director of park model sales for Skyline Champion, joined us for this look at the RV/PMRV industries.
WCM Fireside Chats: Extending Your Park Reach w/OTA's
Go where the people are. It's one of the easiest ways to increase visibility for your business and why millions of hotels embrace platforms like Expedia despite the high fees. But does this strategy work for campgrounds?
WCM Fireside Chats - Government Policies
There are a number of state and national associations that are working to ensure the voices of the outdoor hospitality industry are heard whenever changes are proposed to rules, laws, and regulations that may impact business owners. Join us as we highlight the work that the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR) and the Canadian Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (CORR) do at the federal level to ensure the outdoor hospitality industries in both countries play a key role in legislation that may impact the businesses they represent.
WCM Fireside Chats - Marijuana Tourism/Policies
Over the last few years many countries, states, and provinces have been moving to legalize marijuana. This has created a demand for tourism specific to the niche as well as a new for park owners to adapt as consumption becomes more visible. Join us for an in-depth discussion on this changing landscape.
WCM Fireside Chats - Open Discussion
Guest Matthew Galbraith joined us for part of the show to talk about RMS’ virtual Innovative Hospitality Summit (IHS) that takes place March 16-17, and then he also stuck around to dive into news and hot topics from around the outdoor hospitality industry.
WCM Fireside Chats - National Parks
Few things can top the beauty of National Parks in both the United States and Canada. Join us as we discuss how they help bring more guests to private parks, how they are expanding their own camping options, and much more!
WCM Fireside Chats: Farms/Activities
Continuing our series on agritourism, this week we took a look at integrating farms with the camping experience. One of our guests operates a campground on a farm, while another operates a nationwide network of farms for RVers, and more!
WCM Fireside Chats - Best Hiring Practices
It's time to get ready for another camping season and that means hiring the best people you can find. But how do you find them and convince them to work at your campground? WCM Fireside Chats spoke with experts in this area that can help you succeed.
WCM Fireside Chats: Agritourism & Wineries
Watch the first part in a series of WCM Fireside Chats discussing agritourism and the outdoor hospitality industry. On this show, we spoke about how park owners can incorporate a wine experience into their business.
WCM Spotlight: Mark Koep & Outdoor Business Pros
Mark Koep, founder and CEO of Outdoor Business Pros, spoke with WCM about his new venture Outdoor Business Pros and what it offers to RV park and campground owners, developers and those looking to enter the outdoor hospitality industry. We also discussed the upcoming "Buy, Build or Sell Conference."
Bruce Hurta on RV Park & Campground Financing
Bruce Hurta, vice president of SBA and USDA lending at Ameris Bank, talks about RV park and campground financing during an interview with Mark Koep, founder and CEO of Outdoor Business Pros.
Dog Park Campgrounds
Planning on putting in a dog park? Let’s give you a little tip on some dog parks and what they’re fans of and what their parents are fans of as well.
CampCalNOW Webinar on Work Campers
Hosted by Dan Rudderow and Insurance Specialist Damian Petty, they discuss the Pitfalls and Legal Liabilities of Hiring Work Campers at Your Park.
WCM Fireside Chats: Seasonal Campers
Christine Taylor, from The Towne Law Firm, P.C., Stacey Huck, from Kampgrounds of America, Inc., and David Berg, a park owner in Maine, joined WCM Fireside Chats to sort through the best practices for managing seasonal campers. From enforcing rules, setting up proper agreements, and so on.
WCM Fireside Chats: All Things Glamping
We brought on a variety of guest speakers on the show to talk about the glamping industry at-large, questions surrounding the start-up of a glamping park and much more.
WCM Fireside Chats: All Canada Show
WCM Fireside Chats welcomed Shane Devenish, executive director of the Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) and Joss Penny, executive director of the British Columbia Lodging and Campgrounds Association, along with a number of other Canadian park owners to talk all things Canadian as we looked at the burgeoning RV park and campground sectors.
WCM Fireside Chats: Why Provide Camping All Winter Long?
WCM Fireside Chats took a look at winter camping during its weekly show on Monday, Oct. 26 at 11 a.m. (EST) Our guests this week included Johan Feddema, owner of Riverview Campground in Alberta; Brandon Manzardo, guest services manager of Surf Grove Beachside Campground in British Columbia and Walter Freeman, owner of the Benton Kampgrounds of America Journey.
Outdoor Recreation Caucus Hill Briefing - Recreation During COVID-19
The Outdoor Recreation Roundtable - in partnership with member organizations from across the outdoor recreation industry - held a briefing October 21 to educate Congress, agency officials and industry partners on the ways COVID-19 has changed how Americans recreate outside, and the challenges and opportunities ahead.
WCM Fireside Chats: Benefits of Joining 20 Groups
Joe Moore, the supplier council representative on the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds’ (ARVC) Board of Directors, a frequent speaker at conferences and founder and owner of Moore’s Campground Consulting; and Duncan Winship, co-owner of Papoose Pond Family Campground & Cabins, joined us on Monday, Oct. 12.
WCM Fireside Chats: Sneak Peek at The Glamping Show USA
WCM spoke with David Korse, organzier of The Glamping Show USA, to get an inside look at what vendors and attendees can expect. The show runs from Oct. 13-15.
OHCE2020: This Is Your Year to Attend!
The 2020 Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo (OHCE) will run from Nov. 2-5, 2020. Get the same education, networking and excitement as past conferences, while enjoying the most accessible OHCE ever. Learn more at www.arvc.org/ohce.
WCM Fireside Chats: Exciting Products for Your Park!
Ranging from large inflatable slides (that can be a real profit center for owners) to the Spin-T, which allows campers to paint custom designs on t-shirts, we spoke with a variety of vendors about the products they offer to park owners.
KOA Experts Can Help You Redesign Your Park
Spend 12 minutes with Doug Mulvaney @ Kampgrounds of America (KOA) as he explains what his role is in helping KOA RV parks redesign, grow, and add various campsites to their campgrounds.
WCM Fireside Chats: Hosting Halloween Activities Amid COVID
We spoke about fall activity planning amid the COVID crisis with Marley Behnke, director of franchisee education at Leisure Systems Inc., which franchises more than 75 Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort location in North America, and co-owner of the Jellystone Park in Caledonia, Wisc., for the past 16 years; and David Lovell, regional marketing manager for Sun Communities Inc. and Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort.
WCM: ARVC's Hosted Buyers Program
WCM chats with David Basler, vice president of membership and marketing at the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), about ARVC's Hosted Buyers program at this year's virtual Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo (OHCE).
Campground Accounting-Ordering Supplies
Campground Accounting talks about a quick tip to save owners some time and money when ordering supplies.
WCM Fireside Chats: Are You Prepared for a Financial Crisis?
Lindsey Foos, founder and CEO of Fireside Accounting, and Paul Bosley, a managing member of Business Finance Depot, helped us work through a variety of financial issues.
WCM Fireside Chats: Virtual Learning Could Impact Your Park
We talked about the impact that virtual learning could have on campgrounds and RV parks as most schools look at starting the year off with virtual learning. Joining us was Greg Emmert, whose family owns the Homerville KOA in Homerville, Ohio, Kimberly Wootteon, co-founder of Right Coast Creatives, a marketing firm that works with RV parks and campgrounds, and Brittany Holifield, a full-time roadschooler.
How Canada/U.S. Border Closure Has Impacted Parks
Joining us on this week's WCM Fireside Chat was Valerie Boone-Austin, owner of Hyclass Ocean Campground; Amir Harpaz, a Florida Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds board member and owner of multiple parks, including Cypress Trail RV Resort; and Mandi Cote, general manager of Old Orchard Beach Campground.
Campground Accounting--Family Transitions
Campground Accounting talks a moment about family transitions. If you were in a situation where you hope to have family members take over your campground, at some point in the future, you to make sure you've got some good planning in place.
Virtual Glamping Show USA Oct. 13-15
Learn more about the Virtual Glamping Show USA in this video with Mark Koep, CEO of CampgroundViews.com and David Korse, owner of Glamping Show USA.
WCM Fireside Chats: Is COVID Impacting Developments?
Jayne Cohen and David Gorin, both from Gorin+Cohen, a consulting group focused on the outdoor hospitality segment, joined WCM Fireside Chats to discuss campground developments.
WCM Fireside Chat: Are You Liable if Someone Gets Sick at Your Park?
Christine Taylor, a lawyer with Towne, Ryan & Partners, P.C., joined us to talk about a variety of legal issues impacting the RV park and campground sectors.
WCM Fireside Chats: How Is COVID Impacting RV Travel?
We spoke with Jason Epperson, co-founder of the RV Miles podcast, among other podcasts, and John Talbott, a current work camper, about challenges traveling during the COVID crisis.
WCM Fireside Chats: How are Quarantines Impacting Business?
We spoke with Don Bennett, Jr., CEO and president of the Campground Owners of New York, about New York's 14-day quarantine, how the association is faring amid the current crisis, and about some of the struggles facing campground owners.
How to Use Your Park's Name
Campground Accounting discusses naming your campground or dealing with the name you already have, and putting it to work to increase visitors to your campground.
WCM Fireside Chats: Are In-Person Conferences Feasible in 2020?
Rose Duemig, who has over 15 years in the convention and hospitality industry working with conferences for both association and corporate sectors, joined us on June 29 to talk about the difficulties of hosting an in-person conference amid the pandemic.
2-Minute Trainer: Rule Breakers - Marshall & Sterling
Having trouble with rule-breakers at your campground? Marshall & Sterling's Irene Jones offers sound advice and great tips to deal with campers who don't obey the rules.
Nat. Disasters, COVID Impacting Insurance Markets
From Natural Disasters to COVID to bears and more, every stone was turned over during our discussion with Chris Hipple, from Leavitt Recreation and Hospitality Insurance, and Candice Morrish, from Merit Financial Group Insurance.
Attorneys James T. Towne, Jr., Christine Taylor and Colin Boyle discuss the Paycheck Program Flexibility Act and the changes it made to the CARES Act, Loan forgiveness and other considerations.
Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium — Virtual Camp!
This video shows some of the work being done by Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium to engage with campers virtually. Both parks are supported by Care Camps.
Fireside Chats: Mich. Owners Open Doors to Recreational Campers
We had Darren Ing, director or the Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds, and Mark Lemoine, the owner of the Coloma-St. Joseph Kampgrounds of America (KOA), on the show to talk about Michigan reopening to recreational campers and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on campground owners in the state.
Mich. KOA Owner Mark Lemoine Testifies Before Joint COVID-19 Committee
Mark Lemoine, of St. Joseph, Mich., testifies before the Joint Select Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic on June 2, on how RV parks and campgrounds can safely reopen.
WCM Fireside Chats: What is going on in California?
Dyana Kelley, CEO and president of the CampCalNOW RV Park and Campground Alliance, spoke about the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on campground owners in California, about Camp-California's new website and more.
Part 2 - A Few Minutes with KOA's Whitney Scott
Part 2 - Learn what KOA's marketing department is doing right now to help their franchisees boost their businesses as states begin to open back up to recreational camping.
N.J. Campground Promo Video
The New Jersey Campground Owners Association has created a promotional video aimed at welcoming campers back to nature.
Part 1 - A Few Minutes with KOA's Whitney Scott
Learn what KOA's marketing department is doing right now to help their franchisees boost their businesses as states begin to open back up to recreational camping.
COVID-19 Resources for Campgrounds & RV Parks
Irene Jones from Marshall & Sterling Insurance highlights the many tools and resources Marshall & Sterling offers for campgrounds and RV parks to address COVID-19 challenges.
WCM Fireside Chat---May 18
Emily Peck, the executive director of the Virginia Campground Association; Heather Blankenship, chair of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds' Young Professionals Group; and Donald Miller, general manager of Cozy Creek Family Campground in Pennsylvania, joined WCM Fireside Chats.
Guiding Your Park Through the COVID-19 Crisis
A Few Minutes With Darin Uselman, vice president of franchise services for Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA)
Behind the Scenes Look at the Back to Camping Summit
Insider look at the Back to Camping Summit May 11-12. pre-event May 10 at 6 p.m. (CT). Access available through May 31. Register at www.btcamping.com
WCM Fireside Chat---May 4
Jeff Sims, senior director of state relations and program advocacy for the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds; Dee Witting, executive director of the Carolinas Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds; and Michael Elliott, from Camp and Park Accounting joined us this week!
How do I get in to the Back to Camping Summit?
The Back to Camping Summit begins May 10 with access available thru May 31. You will access the entire experience at www.btcamping.com.
WCM Fireside Chat---April 27
The April 27 WCM Fireside Chat featured Michael Moore, Patrick O’Neill, and Cally Strandquist, along with host Ben Quiggle, Brian Searl and Cara Braeutigam.
A Message from KOA's CEO Toby O'Rourke
KOA President & CEO Toby O'Rourke discusses the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on the camping industry and talks about what campground owners can expect in the coming months.
WCM Fireside Chat
First weekly WCM Fireside Chat featuring Ben Quiggle, Brian Searl, Cara Braeutigam, Joann DelVescio, Chris Rademacher, and Irene Jones.
Camp & Park Accounting: How to Track EIDL and PPP Loan Expenses
'The Campground CPA' answers: How To Track Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Expenses
Camp & Park Accounting: Tracking EIDL and PPP Loans in QuickBooks
A QuickBooks walk-through on how to Track EIDL and PPP Loans.
CampgroundViews.com: Plan to Reopen Parks
Mark Koep, CEO of CampgroundViews.com, reviews the Opening Up America Again Plan.
COVID-19 Evaluation Toolkit
In this video Irene Jones, with Marshall & Sterling Insurance, goes over the variety of tools park owners can access as part of the company's COVID-19 toolkit.
ARVC Webinar Series: Get Expert Answers to All Your Questions
Watch a recording of the sixth webinar in ARVC's series as campground owners and operators have their questions about the current crisis answered by a panel of industry experts.
Mountain View Arkansas Whitewater RV Park
Hosted by Mark Koep, the CampgroundViews.com podcast brings camping to you with stories, destinations, people and adventures about the outdoors and travel.
Campendium: Find Open Campgrounds to Shelter-in-Place
Information on how to find parks that are open during the COVID-19 crisis and more information that can help RVers manage this crisis.
CARES Act & SBA Emergency Loans
Get the details on what you need to know about the CARES Act and SBA Emergency Loans to keep your Outdoor Destination Business operating. Presented by Michael Elliot, of Camp and Park Accounting.
ARVC Webinar Answers Questions on CARES Act, SBA
Watch a recording of the fourth webinar of ARVC's series, with a focus on the CARES Act and SBA loans, featuring a panel answering questions about the current crisis.
KOA’s O’Rourke on Current State of Camping
KOA President and CEO Toby O’Rourke issued a short video Sunday (March 29) to update those in the camping and outdoor industry on the status of KOA camping in light of the COVID-19 situation.
Cares ACT Info
Mark Koep, CEO of CampgroundViews.com, speaks with Michael Elliot, of Camp and Park Accounting, and Christine Taylor, of Towne, Ryan and Partners P.C., about the CARES ACT and other info.
Your Questions: Coronavirus & Campgrounds
Brian Searl, founder of Insider Perks, talks about how owners should respond to people who say they are being socially irresponsible by keeping their RV parks open as the virus spreads across the country.
Camp & Park Accounting Webinar
The Camp & Park Accounting team hosted this live webinar to bring you up-to-date on the latest news as it relates to the economic impact this epidemic is having on the industry. It provides updates and suggestions on a wide range of topics including Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, tax extensions, cash flow planning, and revenue management.
ARVC Webinar Series: Get Expert Answers to All Your Questions
Watch a replay of the second webinar in ARVC's series, which featured a panel answering questions about the current coronavirus crisis.
CampCalNow During the Corornavirus Pandemic
Mark Koep, CEO of CampgroundViews.com, speaks with Dyana Kelley, executive director of the CampCalNOW RV Park and Campground Alliance, about how the association is dealing with the coronavirus.
CampgroundViews.com: Meet Mary Arlington
Mark Koep, CEO of CampgroundViews.com, interviews Mary Arlington, executive director of the Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota campground associations, about the state of affairs in those associations given the outbreak of the coronavirus.
ARVC Webinar Series: Emergency Planning for RV Parks and Campgrounds
A replay of ARVC's webinar on emergency planning by Patrick Hardy, CEO of Hytropy, and on marketing during a crisis by Brian Searl, CEO of Insider Perks. During the second half of the webinar, Mark Koep, CEO of CampgroundViews.com, also a marketing expert, joined the panel for a Q&A segment.
NJCOA Webinar With Hytropy's Patrick Hardy
Hytropy's CEO Patrick Hardy focused on a number of different coronavirus-related topics, including having emergency response plans in place, along with crisis communication plans, changes in park operations...etc.
Keeping Your Campground Running During the Coronavirus
Donna Bordeaux, co-founder of Campground Accounting, talks about ways to keep your park up and running during the coronavirus pandemic.
3/17/20 Industry Update: Coronavirus' Impact on Campground Industry
Mark Koep, founder of CampgroundViews.com, brings park owners and operators up to speed on the state of the industry as of 03/17 in relation to the coronavirus and its economic impact.
Park Insider News: 3/16 Coronavirus and Economic Contagion Update for Industry
Originally created for a park owners Facebook Group, this video by Mark Koep brings park owners and operators up to speed on the state of the industry as of 03/16 in relation to the coronavirus and its economic impact. 
Meet The Park: Killam Seasonal Resorts
Brian Searl, founder of Insider Perks, caught up with Lynn Cheeseman, from Killam Seasonal Resorts, and learned what its properties have to offer in several different Canadian provinces.
Supplier Spotlight: Campground Accounting
Brian Searl, the founder of Insider Perks, caught up with Donna Bordeaux, chief innovator with Campground Accounting, and discussed what services her company offers to campground owners.
Meet the Park: Highland Pines Campground
Brian Searl, founder of Insider Perks, caught up with Juan Carlos Blanco from Highland Pines Campground during the Toronto Spring Camping & RV Show.
Planning Social Media For Your Campground
Brian Searl, founder of Insider Perks, shares ideas on how to save time with social media posting by planning in advance and scheduling content.
Toronto Spring Camping & RV Show
Brian Searl, founder of Insider Perks, spoke with Shane Devenish, executive director of the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association, during The Toronto Spring Camping & RV Show and Sale about trends in the Canadian camping and RVing markets.
Google Q&A For Campgrounds
Brian Searl, founder of Insider Perks, talks about what the Google Q&A section is and why it is critical for your campground to monitor it.
Supplier Spotlight: Meet Joe from App My Community
Brian Searl, founder of Insider Perks, caught up with Joe Duemig, co-founder of App My Community, to discuss how the company's products can help campground owners.
Keeping Your Campground Website Updated
Brian Searl, the founder of Insider Perks, speaks about keeping your campground's website updated with accurate information and new content to keep people coming back for more.
Park Operators: What to Know About Cable TV
Robert Nasti, and Mark Koep, founder of CampgroundViews.com, discusses what you need to know about Cable TV installation and setup at your RV park or campground.
Glamping at Sandy Pines Campground
Brian Searl, founder of Insider Perks, caught up with Sandy Pines Campground during the recent Boston RV Show to talk about some of its unique glamping accommodations.
Strategic Marketing Workshops For Campgrounds
Insider Perks has launched Strategic Marketing Workshops for RV parks, campgrounds, and outdoor hospitality businesses. Learn more about what you can expect from Brian Searl, founder of Insider Perks, as he explains part of what the company will do in this video.
Armstrong Software on The Value of Exhibiting at ARVC's OHCE
Rose Duemig explains how Armstrong Software finds value in exhibiting at ARVC's Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo, being a trusted member and learning from campground owners.
How to Successfully Build A Campground Or RV Park
CampgroundViews.com founder Mark Koep interviews Dan and Erin Thiem, owners of Inn Town Campground in Nevada City, Calif. The interview takes you on the journey from idea, through concept, to development, opening and then running a successful campground, RV park and glamping resort in California.
Kathy Dyer On The Maine Campground Owners Association
Kathy Dyer, the executive director of the Maine Campground Owners Association, discusses how park owners can benefit from being a part of the association, as well as the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds.
Business Interruption Insurance
Campground Accounting discusses business interruption Insurance and how park owners can make sure they get the full potential of this coverage.
CARVC Conference Interview w/Dee Witting
An interview with Dee Witting during the 2020 Carolinas Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds' Conference and Expo.
What to Expect When Conducting an Insurance Review
A brief discussion with Irene Jones, program development manager of Marshall & Sterling's Campground & RV Park Welfare Program about what to expect when conducting an insurance review.
Supplier Spotlight: Meet Ryan from Cold River Mining
Learn more about what Ryan Houchens and Cold River Mining have to offer campgrounds.
Getting Midweek Guests at Your Park
How do you attract more guests during the middle of the week at your campground? We talked about that with Travis, from Old Barn Resort in southeast Minnesota.
ADA Compliance Overview for Campgrounds & RV Parks
Irene Jones, from Marshall & Sterling Insurance, discusses the complex and often misunderstood requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and what campground and RV park owners need to know, and do, to keep their facilities ADA compliant.
Reasons to Join a State Association + MAC Conference in Delaware 2020
CampgroundViews.com connects with Joanne Delvescio from the New Jersey Campground Owners Association and discuss the benefits of membership and what is coming up at their annual convention.
Loons Haven Family Campground
Brian Searl catches up with Loons Haven Family Campground at the Boston RV Show.
How do you know RV shows are worth the expense?
Brian Searl, from Insider Perks, talks about how to know what type of value your business is receiving by attending RV shows or other conferences.
Campground Accounting: Park Signage
Make sure the signage in your park is conveying the right message to your guests. Are they clear, visually appropriate and consistent with your marketing?
Campground Accounting: Managing Your Time
Make sure you are using your time wisely. Review the tasks that you do to make sure you are able to delegate jobs that you shouldn't be doing and make sure that the high-level tasks that affect the value of your business get the time they deserve.
Kalyumet Camping & Cabins at Pittsburgh RV Show
Brian Searl, from Insider Perks, speaks with Mark, owner of Kalyumet Camping & Cabins in Cook Forest, Pa., at the Pittsburgh RV Show.
Rustic Knolls Campground at Ohio RV Supershow
Brian Searl, From Insider Perks, speaks with "Campmaster" Frank at the Ohio RV Supershow in Cleveland, Ohio.
Brian Searl & PCOA's Jason Vaughan
PCOA's Jason Vaughan gives Brian Searl, from Insider Perks, an update on how he is preparing to take over as executive director at the end of 2020 and a look at how PCOA's recent conference fared.
Brian Searl & Camping in Ontario's Alexandra Anderson
Camping in Ontario's Alexandra Anderson gives Brian Searl, from Insider Perks, an update on how the association has fared in 2019, its 50th year.
Water Wars President Tommy Woog
Tommy Woog, president of Pequot Lakes, Minn.-based Water Wars, a 30-year old company that sells equipment for Water Wars, a popular water balloon war game, was one of just over 100 vendors who attended Leisure Systems Inc.'s trade show.
Campspot's 2019 OHCE Highlights
Campspot, a reservation systems provider, shares some of its highlights from ARVC's 2019 OHCE in Knoxville, Tenn.
Brian Searl, of Insider Perks, interviews LSI's COO Rob Schutter
Leisure System Inc.'s (LSI) COO Rob Schutter updates Insider Perk's Brian Searl on how things went for the company in 2019. LSI franchises 75 Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts in North America.
Morris Costumes at LSI's 2019 Trade Show
Sean Morris of Morris Costumes spoke with WOODALLSCM.com about some of his company's animatronic Halloween characters, which he presented for the first time at LSI's 2019 Trade Show in North Charleston, S.C.
2019 KOA Convention-Monday News
Day two of the KOA Convention in Savannah, Ga. Mike Gast, vice president of communications, gives a review of the days events.
campersApp Launches AR Capability
Captured at ARVC's OHCE 2019, this video shows a demonstration of the CampersAPP AR experience and demonstrates ways that this tech can be used now to improve the camper experience.
Day 2 Updates From ARVC's OHCE
Paula Horwitz, ARVC's education and events director, dishes on some of the highlights of day 2 of ARVC's OHCE in Knoxville, Tenn.
ARVCNewsLive from OHCE 2019
OHCE officially kicked off Monday (Nov. 4) evening with the Welcome Reception sponsored by NewBook, Takeaway Tours and NFPA 1194 Certification. Paula Horwitz, ARVC's education and events director, dishes on some of the highlights of the evening.
campersAPP Announces Alexa Skill Capability
Brian Searl, from Insider Perks, talks with Heather Gere, from campersAPP, about the new Alexa Skill Capability the company unveiled at CONY's Exposition for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry & Trade Show.
Brian Searl & Suzanne Bixby at CONY's Exposition
Brian Searl speaks with Suzanne Bixby, CONY's vice president of marketing & public relations, on what attendees can look forward to at CONY's Exposition for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry & Trade Show.
Insider Perks: Setting Camper Expectations
Insider Perks' Brian Searl talks about the importance of making sure your park delivers on what your campers are expecting.
RVC Outdoor's Catherine's Landing
Catherine’s Landing, located five minutes outside of Hot Springs, Ark.,, spans 400 acres and one mile of water frontage on Lake Catherine.
Campground Accounting: Optimum Occupancy Percentages
Occupancy percentage has been a long-standing key performance indicator for campground owners.  What is the optimum occupancy percentage you should have at your campground?
Gander RV Blows Up a Motorhome
The fourth of an "RVs Go Boom" four-part series, Gander RV detonates a Winnebago Journey Class A diesel motorhome because "we are the most extreme RV company in the world."
Tornado Damaged RV Park in Emerald Isle, N.C.
An Emerald Isle, N.C., RV park experienced heavy damage from Hurricane Dorian.
Why Become a Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Franchisee?
Hear from several current Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resort franchisees as to why they recommend joining the system.
MobileRVing Tour of Elite Resorts at Citrus Valley
Elite Resorts at Citrus Valley is located in central Florida and features paved sites with full hookups, planned recreational activities, and an array of newly-renovated amenities.  
Help Your Staff Manage an Incident/Accident
Irene Jones discusses what campground owners and staff can do when faced with incidents and accidents at their parks.
How Partnerships Can Expand Your Marketing Reach
Campgroundviews.com's Mark Koep speaks about the value of creating partnerships.
RV MH Hall of Fame Induction
The RV/MH Hall of Fame welcomed its 2019 class on Aug. 5, 2019.
Mobile RVing: Leisure Lake Resort
Mobile RVing tours Leisure Lake RV Resort in Joliet, Ill.
A Look at Golf Cart Safety
Irene Jones discusses best practices for safely operating golf carts in your park.
Web Advise: Getting Found Online
Braden Walker talks about the basics to getting found online.
Mobile RVing: Hacienda RV Resort
Mobile RVing tours Hacienda RV Resort in Las Cruces, N.M.
2-Minute Trainer: Checking in Campers
Irene Jones discusses best practices for checking in campers and your campground.
Experts Weigh in on Jellystone Park
Kids weigh in on what makes Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts a fun place to camp.
Mobile RVing: Estes Park KOA
Mobile RVing tours Estes Park KOA in Estes Park, Colo.
Most Important Elements of a Park's Website
Mark Koep, CEO of CampgroundViews.com, discusses how to make your park's website better.
Stolen Motorhome Wreaks Havoc in Calif.
A woman with two dogs inside a stolen motorhome crashed into multiple vehicles during a chase Tuesday night. Video courtesy of CBS Los Angeles.
RVIA 2018 Year in Review
The RV Industry Association (RVIA) highlights its accomplishments in 2018, including work on federal policy, and a host of other industry-wide achievements.
Who are Your Risk Managers?
Who is the Risk Manager at your campground or hospitality business? The truth is "everyone" plays a risk manager role.
When do you call emergency medical services for help at your campground? Marshall & Sterling's Irene Jones provides some practical advice.
Basics of Electrical Service at Your Park
Mark Koep, of CampgroundViews.com, and Wade Elliott, owner of Utility Supply Group, talk about electrical infrastructure.
Ranger Ready, GLA on Lyme Disease
The Global Lyme Alliance and Ranger Ready Repellents partner. Ranger Ready will donate 15% of all purchases to GLA in May.
What is Glamping?
Glamping.com answers the question of what glamping entails and how it has transformed the camping market.
KOA Care Camps
KOA Care Camps provides necessary support to send kids with cancer to medically supervised cancer camps.
Aerial View of Jellystone Park in Caledonia, Wisc.
An aerial tour of the Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resort in Caledonia, Wisc. featuring views of their water park area.
Mobile RVing: Asheville East KOA Holiday
This video produced by Mobile RVing explores the grounds of the Asheville East KOA Holiday in Swannanoa, N.C.
Point Mallard Campground Flooded
In a report by WZDX of Huntsville, Ala., nearly 200 campers were evacuated from Point Mallard Campground in Decatur, Ala., because of flooding three weeks ago.
Man Buys Oklahoma Campground
Introducing Adam Sandoval, who recently bought K-River Campground in Moyers, Okla. Sandoval's stated goals are: No. 1. Give back to the community and veterans.
Outdoor Experiences and Your New Customers
President and CEO of Kampgrounds of America, Toby O'Rourke, discusses their latest North American Camping Report data with RVX...
Coachmen Mirada Select 37RB
Coachmen RV, a division of Forest River Inc., showcases its Mirada Select 37RB Class A motorhome.
Capital Talk: RVB with John Sammut
RVBusiness talks with John Sammut of Newmar Corp., who details the motorhome manufacturer's 2019 model year changes to its Dutch Star and London Aire lines.
National Indoor RV Centers & Freightliner Custom Chassis
Brett Davis, Tadd Jenkins, Chuck Lasley and others at National Indoor RV Centers discuss their customer service philosophy, which includes a partnership with Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp.
Heartland Milestone 389TB Fifth Wheel
Senior General Manager AJ Jones shows us the all-new Milestone 389TB an all-new fifth-wheel line from the subsidiary of Thor Industries Inc.
2019 Reatta 39T2 by Entegra Coach
Brian LaPray, National Sales Manager for Entegra Coach, shows us the 2019 Reatta 39T2, built on the Spartan K1 chassis.
Watt Fuel Cell Q&A at the Pomona RV Show
Popular YouTube RV celebrities of Stefany and James Adinaro of The Fit RV talk with a comapany representative of the Watt Fuel Cell at the California RV Show in Pomona, Calif.
Capital Talk: RVB Q&A with Bob Martin
RVBusiness talks with Bob Martin, president of Thor Industries Inc., on the state of the RV industry and the company's outlook for 2019, including its then-pending acquisition of Erwin Hymer Group in Europe.
Camco ULTRAGuard Supreme Premium RV Covers
Camco provides an overview of its ULTRAGuard Supreme Premium RV Covers, which features triple layer SFS top panel that beads water on contact affording maximum resistance to rainfall and snow.
2019 NeXus RV Bentley Diamond 40D
Chairman Claude Donatti of NeXus RV, Elkhart, Ind., provides a tour of the motorhome manufacturer's all-new Bentley Diamond, a Class A built on the K1 chassis by Spartan Specialty Vehicles.
The all-new Winnebago Vita and Porto
Winnebago Industries Product Manager Russ Garfin provides an overview of the manufacturer's all-new Vita and Porto Class C motorhomes, which are built on the Sprinter chassis by Mercedes Benz.
2019 Cruiser MPG 3200DB
Product Manager John Jones conducts a tour of the 3200DB by Cruiser RV, a subsidiary of Heartland Recreational Vehicles. This innovative design packs two full bathrooms and an outdoor kitchen into a half-ton towable camper.
Capital Talk: RVB Q&A with Tim Hyland
RVBusiness talks with Tim Hyland, president of the RV Group for Wells Fargo CDF, and the state of the RV industry.
2019 Jayco Seismic Toy Hauler
Jayco Inc., a subsidiary of Thor Industries Inc., provides an overview of its Seismic toy hauler towable line in this video.
GoRVing Canada - Seasonal Camping - ReUnite
Go RVing Canada showcases seasonal camping, which helps "time-strapped friends and families get away more often. When you own a park model or RV and rent a site at a nearby campground for a full season, it's easy to leave the RV hooked up, stocked up, and ready."
2018 Overland Expo East
Popular YouTube full-time RV celebrities Joe and Kait Russo pay a visit to the 2018 Overland Expo East, which was Nov. 9-11 at Reeb Ranch near Asheville, N.C., where they toured quite a few 4x4 recreational vehicles.
The ARVC Experience
What is the ARVC Experience? Let's let several members of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds answer that question.
CampgroundViews.com: RV Park Investing
Mark Koep of CampgroundViews.com, discusses investing in RV parks and campgrounds with Frank Rolfe, a real estate investor for 30 years.
Jellystone: Why Become a Franchisee?
Several current Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park franchisees discuss why they recommend joining the system.
Thousand Trails 50th Anniversary
From 1969 to 2019, Thousand Trails has 50 years of camping memories to celebrate.
Social Media Marketing
Ocean Lakes Family Campground shares their social media, videos and other engagement tips with Mark Koep of Campgrondviews.com while at the Carolina ARVC conference in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
KOA Care Camps
This commercial was produced for KOA Care Camps, a nonprofit organization that raises money to send children with cancer to specialized summer camps throughout North America.