Wildlife officials found more dead bison infected by anthrax at the Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada’s Northwest Territories, forcing park officials to keep campgrounds closed last weekend, according to CBC News.
A total of 10 infected bison were found in the current outbreak at Wood Buffalo, Canada’s largest national park, located on the border of Alberta and Northwest Territories.
Early last week, park staff closed a camp area when one of the carcasses was found near the Kettle Point campground. More carcasses have since been found near the camps.
According to Parks Canada’s website, there have been eight prior anthrax outbreaks recorded in the park’s history. Bison usually contract anthrax by inhaling contaminated soil while rolling in dust. It can be transmitted to humans that come into direct contact with infected bison carcasses.
Park officials are burning the bison carcasses to ensure the anthrax doesn’t spread to people and to other animals that might consume the bodies.