RVB VideoG-G Media Group, publishers of RVBusiness Magazine and Woodall’s Campground Magazine, are introducing a new video feature on its respective websites called “RVBusiness on the Road.”

The new series features correspondent Niki Benedict, host of the popular “Connecting Thru” travel series, who will be traveling the country in her Class C motorhome and visiting with RV dealerships and campgrounds. At each stop she’ll be talking with dealers and campground operators about their individual businesses as well as timely industry topics and sharing the experience through RVBusiness.com, Woodallscm.com, and other digital audiences.

“People are really going to enjoy this new video feature,” said Gregg Fore, partner in G-G Media Group. “For one thing, Niki has one of those engaging personalities that you just can’t help but like her. She also has a strong skill set and background in a variety of business types in planning and marketing roles, and as a new full-time RVer she brings a certain perspective that adds to the value of the content being shared with viewers.”

“Every dealer and campground operator has a story to tell and it is our intent to help them share their stories with the RV and campground industries,” added Rick Kessler. “‘RVBusiness on the Road’ adds more exclusive content to our publications and websites bringing unmatched value to our audiences.”  “

The first installments of “RVBusiness on the Road” took Niki through Indiana, and her next planned itinerary will be announced in the near future.

In addition to G-G Media Group, the “RVBusiness on the Road” series is sponsored by Airxcel Inc., Cummins Inc. and United Park Brokers.