Off Shore Enterprises

Members of the investor group who purchased the Baymont Hotel, Off-Shore Events Center and campgrounds are (from left) Jamie Becker, Ryan Becker, AJ Becker, Steve Launspach, Shelly Herrig, Pete Ludwig, Jason Germaine (Not pictured are Kim Becker, Tracy Launspach and Alyssa Germaine).

The sale of the Baymont Hotel, Off-Shore and campgrounds north of Bellevue, Iowa, closed last week, with the new owners meeting with the current staff last Wednesday (Dec. 9) night at the hotel, according to the Herald-Leader.

The buyers of the property, known as ‘Offshore Enterprises LLC’ include Steve Launspach, Peter Ludwig, Jason Germaine, A.J. Becker and Ryan Becker – all residents of the greater Dubuque area. Members of this group also own Coconut Cove Resort near Kieler Wisconsin, Whitetail Bluff Campground near Cassville Wisconsin, Dubuque Marina and Yardarm Riverfront Bar and Grille, Hawkeye Boat and Camper Sales in Dubuque, and Jason owns Germaine Electric.

The investor group was formed for the specific purpose of acquiring the Bellevue Offshore property from former owner and developer A.J. Spiegel, who built the facilities and opened them to the public in 2013.

“We are excited to be here and to get things started,” said A.J. Becker, of Off-Shore Enterprises, who along with his fellow investors were looking at the progress at the campground site, which is being expanded. “We are looking forward to working with the community and its people.”

Members of the investor group, simply called ‘Offshore Enterprises LLC,’ last month outlined a proposed $5 million to $6 million plan to expand the current Off-Shore facilities and add over 100 campsites, renovate the restaurant, expand the events center and construct a 6,000 square-foot swimming pool. The new ‘aquatics center’ would also feature a swimming pond, playground, snack bar, poolside bar and resort store. The overall purchase proposal offered to A.J. Spiegel by the investor group Off Shore LLC, includes the campground, Baymont Inn, restaurant, event center and undeveloped ground.

The development group is hoping that the proposed private/public partnership with the City will make the massive project possible, and say the plan would greatly increase tourism in the community, and the project would also bring with it more jobs and employment opportunities.

The proposed plans for the site include increasing recreational amenities. By May 2021, the campground will be expanded east to provide up to an additional 110 camping sites and the restaurant will be renovated with many enhanced features. In 2021-2022 an aquatics center will be completed to include a new 6,000 square-foot swimming pool, deck, one-acre swim pond with a beach and floating aqua park, jump pad, playground and a building for a shower house, snack bar, poolside bar and resort store. After 2021 development could begin to expand the event center to hold closer to 450 guests along with adding a catering kitchen.

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