Campgrounds in Iowa are nearly empty this time of year, free for many to pick any spot they chose and enjoy a peace of mind, Dickinson County News reported. 

While area campgrounds do stay open year round, the water and restroom facilities are taken offline until the spring.

Oct. 15 is the usual cut off date, give or take a few cold snaps in between. The seasonal park ranger staff is reduced as well. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) does scatter a few portable restrooms around the campgrounds but Richey encourages campers to bring their own portable toilets as well. Electricity remains on for those with RVs and large campers.

“The services we provide are very minimal at this time of year,” Richey said. Dumpsters are still out in the campgrounds for a few more weeks but are removed Oct. 15 as well. “We ask people to bring their own water and take care of their trash and keep the area clean.”

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