The city of Clinton, Iowa, expects to bring in an extra $10,000 by increasing the cost of camping in the city’s recreational vehicle park from $16 to $20.

Last year the park generated a little more than $36,000, The Clinton Herald reported.

The RV park, located at Ninth Avenue North and Riverview Drive, is open year round.

Campers have access to running water, showers, restrooms, electrical hookups and dump stations. Running water is unavailable from November until March.

Other RV parks in the area that offer similar amenities charge nearly the same, if not more, for overnight camping.

Riverview Ridge in Cascade offers camping with water and electric hookups for $29 a night. Hunts Cedar River Campground in Tipton charges $23 a night with electric and water hookups.

Finance Director Jessica Kinser originally suggested raising the fee to $25 a night, but the Internal Operations Committee on May 15 reduced the increase to $20.

“The increase will generate more revenue to help close the hole in the general fund,” Kinser said.

The fee increase was discussed during the fiscal year 2013 budget process. Kinser said in a memo to the City Council the general fund budget was adopted with the $25 per night fee, which would have generated $23,175 if the city was paid for 2,575 nights. With the $20 fee the city will need to be paid for 3,219 nights.

Ward 4 Clinton City Councilman Paul Gassman raised concerns during the May 15 Internal Operations Committee about the fees being collected at all.

Campers are required to fill out a registration form with their name, license plate number and dates they will be at the campground. The registration is then placed on a post on their specific campsite for staff to ensure payment. However, there is no staff to check the registrations during the weekend.