Are you looking for ways to make a greener choice in gifts this holiday season? Tired of the “disposable” items just being broken or thrown away? Do your gift recipients already have too much “stuff?” Consider spending on experiences rather than “things” that many of us really don’t need. Here are some ideas that are close to home, published in the Independence (Iowa) Bulletin Journal.

Do you enjoy camping? Purchase campground certificates for Buchanan County campgrounds. Give these to kids in your life and take them camping with you, or give them to a spouse and give the gift of time together in a natural place. Campground certificates are available in increments of $15.

Maybe camping is not your style? Consider gift certificates for the sustainable living cabins at Fontana Park. This gives a more modern experience with a minimal energy footprint through solar panels and energy efficient components. Right outside the door is the beauty of the natural world. Cabin certificates are $75 per night. Camping and cabin information is available at our website at www.buchanancountyparks.com.

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