The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is hosting a dozen public meetings to discuss the future of Iowa’s state parks, according to a report by Radio Iowa.

Kevin Szcodronski, state parks bureau chief with the DNR, says the forums will help the agency develop a five-year plan to improve the parks’ amenities.

The meetings are taking place this month at 12 state parks. “It’s just an open book meeting, if you will, to get a good idea of what the people who use that park are thinking about that park’s future,” Szcodronski said.

Although improvements at state parks can be costly, participants are encouraged to bring all their ideas.

“We specifically ask people in attendance, if money was no object, what would you like to see in that park? We’re thinking into the future quite a ways, so you really can’t let finances deter you,” Szcodronski said.

At the same time, park users are being asked to be reasonable with their requests.

“After they get done with their wish list…then we ask them, ‘O.K., given money is a factor, what should we focus on?’ We kind of bring them a little back to reality and talk about some of the top priorities that are within reasonable means,” Szcodronski said.