Lazy H Campground’s Owner Justin Higman made two requests of Akron, Iowa, councilors at their Oct. 22 meeting, according to The Akron Hometowner

One was for an approximate $125,000 water and wastewater usage credit, which is the amount he spent to connect the campground to the city’s water and wastewater systems. 

Secondly, Higman asked for assistance in creating a walking and biking trail into Akron’s downtown from Lazy H Campground, which lies just outside the city limits.

“My goal is to really help Akron with this campground,” Higman told the council. “I look at this as a team effort, so there are some things we need to decide as a body together — how to best make use of this in the long run.”

With weather and contractor delays, Higman noted the campground infrastructure won’t be completed this fall, but he’s still hopeful to have it all done by May 1.

“One of the things that concerns me is how to get campers uptown safely,” said Higman. “Once they get to the campground, they don’t want to take their cars and drive uptown. They’d prefer to walk or bike. Akron’s got a nice walking trail once you get into town.

“The problem or challenge is we’re on the wrong side of Iowa Highway 12,” he added, noting there’s been several times where campers crossing the highway have brought highway traffic to a halt.

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