They wanted an explanation why a Sioux City, Iowa, campground for bikers was ordered closed two weeks ago and they went home happy, according to KMEG. 

Two dozen bikers showed up at Monday (June 24) night’s city council meeting to protest a citation given to the Ickey Nickel earlier this month, ordering them to stop operating their campground over a zoning issue.

The bar’s owner says he wasn’t fined and is working with the city on a fix.

“The city council has a great response from what I heard today. I think they’re doing an amazing job and I can see the city of Sioux City is really concerned about it. It’s just a good venue that’s been going on for years and we just don’t want to see it stopping it for one complaint. I mean it’s hard not to get a complaint about anything in this world anymore,” said Michael Verzani, of the Ickey Nickel.

The council says the campground can reopen, once the property is rezoned to be able to legally host it.

“That campground is a wonderful thing for the city, it’s great for the bikers, it’s great for the campers,” noted council member Rhonda Capron. “They were doing nothing wrong except they need to rezone it and that’s what we are working with them on.” 

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