A Horn Lake RV park in northern Mississippi has just been named in the top 300 parks in America. That’s a heady honor for a Desoto County park that some said would never make it.

They told Keith Russell it would never work, 5 years ago he wanted to build an RV park in the middle of Horn Lake

“Everybody thought I was an idiot when I did this,” Russell told WHBQ-TV, Memphis. “Oh yeah they wanted to have me committed. Sometimes, I thought I ought to go commit myself, but it worked, so…”

The Jellystone Park stays at capacity almost all the time. Keith says many of those staying here are construction workers at places like Valero or Nissan.

“A lot of ours are workers that come, stay a month, two months, and move on.”

Keith also has the market cornered on staycations, with a lot of his cabins being rented by local families.

“It’s an economical way for a local vacation. We’ve got activities for the kids and waterslides.”

Not bad for a Yogi park that a lot of people thought would be a boo boo from the start.