Located at 1815 N. A St. in Wellington, Kan., the Woodlands RV Park is now open to all travelers passing through this southern Kansas community.

Dale Hutchison, co-owner of the Woodlands, said the idea for the RV park came about nearly six months ago during a trip to Alva, Okla., the Wellington Daily News reported.

After the discovery of large oil deposits, Alva was overrun with drillers and other workers who had come to labor in the fields. Without enough proper housing in the town to accommodate the oilmen, many were left to pitch tents, or sleep in campers.

“We saw RV trailers parked all over there,” said Hutchison.

Anticipating a similar problem in Wellington — with its own potential oil boom on the horizon — Hutchison and his business partners went to work on a place where incoming oil workers could rest comfortably during their downtime.

Much consideration was given to the location of the park, and Hutchison said several spots were looked at before a decision was made. He went on to say the A St. location was chosen because it was somewhat “out of the way.”

Work began on the Woodlands, with the nearly two acres of cedar trees that had been covering the plot being transplanted to the edges of the property.

According to Hutchison, the park’s owners wanted to provide residents with every possible amenity, so all 34 parking slots were rigged with underground sewer and electricity hookups, along with cable television connections.

“It was like a mini-housing development,” he said of the lot construction.

Expansions to the current lot are already being planned. Hutchison said building would soon begin on a permanent central office for the lot, which would offer showers and laundry machines once finished.

“We talked to people at the oil company, and based on their prediction, there are going to be a lot of people coming,” said Hutchison. “We’re planning for a 10-year boom.”