The Kansas RV Park Owners Association (KPOA) held a business meeting earlier this month and filled seats on its Board of Directors, according to Mary Arlington, executive director of the association.

Fortunately, there was no shortage of volunteers.

Arlington said five members stepped forward and then the full slate of options was presented to members. Two-thirds of the association’s members responded, with 100% of them voting to elect all five members nominated for the positions.

The Board then held its first business meeting. In addition to addressing a variety of issues needing attention before its autumn meeting, the association’s officers were elected.

The association is now led by:

“I’m delighted to work for this team of thoughtful and dedicated people,” added Arlington.

The KPOA Board had dwindled to its minimum allowed size due to park sales. When Terri Schwerdt, co-owner of Salina KOA Holiday, needed to switch her focus an election became necessary.

Ralph Newell and Mary Arlington

Mary Arlington and Ralph Newell

“This association is volunteer-led, so I’m always grateful for every hour these hard-working business owners give to their industry,” said Arlington. “Still, we have to honor the bylaws. With 21 members, everyone needs to participate and quite a few of them certainly stepped up this month.”

“Richard Lord has served in many capacities in the past, even as president, so I was pleased he was willing to step back into the role,” noted Board Treasurer Karen Weber. “I think all of us are looking forward to getting more acquainted with everyone on this new Board.”

“KPOA is launching its 2023 membership drive next week and I’m pleased with what we approved for our benefits,” said Board Vice President Ralph Newell. “Every Kansas park owner should be a part of this organization. I’ve had my park since 1999, and I can’t imagine how things would have gone without the association.”