A planned expansion at a Kenutcky park may be delayed until summer due to record flooding, according to the Commonwealth Journal

“The high water is going to push our timetable back, maybe into the summer,” Steve Kelley, Pulaski County’s judge-executive, said Tuesday (Feb. 26). “Nobody, not even the U.S. Army Corps if Engineers, knows when lake Cumberland will return to normal levels. And you can’t put sand down when the area is under at least 25-30 feet of water.”

The lake apparently crested at 756.51 feet above sea level early Tuesday. The record water level is about 33 feet above the tree line. Before much work can be done on the beach, the water has got to fall at least to summertime levels, and heavy springtime rains are just ahead.

The expansion will be done by the county, using county maintenance crews, Kelley said. White sand, similar to beaches along the Gulf Coast of Florida, will be hauled from Tennessee.

Other improvements are planned at the park. Some 15 RV sites have been OK’d by the corps and will be added, upping the total RV sites at the park to between 90 and 100.

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