Because of the severe weather as the result of the Superstorm Sandy in Kentucky and other parts of the country, the Kentucky state parks are offering special lodging rates at some lodges and cottages. These special rates will be available through Sunday (Nov. 4), examiner.com reported.

State resort parks offering lodge rooms for only $44.95 a night are Blue Licks Battlefield, Jenny Wiley, Carter Caves, Greenbo Lake and Pine Mountain. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park will have rooms for $49.95 a night. Rates for single-bedroom cottages start at $74.95 a night.

Most of these parks are in the eastern part of Kentucky. This area is getting gusting winds and rain; higher elevations are also seeing snow accumulation.

Carter Caves, Greenbo Lake, and Jenny Wiley are very near the West Virginia border; a state that is seeing very significant snow fall amounts.

Pine Mountain is in the southeastern mountains near the Cumberland Gap tunnel and, with the elevation of the park, it could also see snow.

Blue Licks and Cumberland Falls appear to be outside the area where local travel would be affected but travelers passing through Kentucky may have the need to stay in the Commonwealth until travel east is achievable.

Although Kentucky was not impacted to the same extent as the eastern seaboard of the United States, there are still problems with travel anywhere east of the Mississippi River. These reduced lodging rates provide some measure of relieve for travelers.

Guests who require lodging should call one of the parks listed above and ask about the emergency shelter rate, as well as availability information, and reservations. A complete list of all Kentucky State Parks and contact information for each park can be found at www.parks.ky.gov.