KOA 60 Years

KOA is preparing to celebrate its 60th year in 2022.

Today (Nov. 18) marks the final full day of Kampgrounds of America Inc.’s (KOA) International Convention and features a full-day expo that includes more than 120 vendors.

KOA will also host a final night celebration with  Dwayne Hill, a comedian/magician, who will be wowing the crowd. A Care Camps auction will be held that provides funding for the work that the charity does to help kids dealing with cancer enjoy a week at camp.

On Wednesday, KOA franchisees heard from keynote speaker Judi Holler, a speaker who uses improv to relate her message.

KOA officials also took part in the company’s Idea Xchange, which highlights innovative, future-thinking ideas that are being incorporated into the system. Most eyes were focused on a new pedestal by Jamestown Advanced Products that combines a normal RV pedestal with an electric vehicle charger.

KOA also highlighted a compostable toilet that it has developed for use in areas that are off the beaten paths at KOA parks. A new lighted bench that runs off solar was also an eye-catcher. KOA officials noted that it would allow park owners to provide seating and lighting in areas where electrical infrastructure does not exist.

Finally, KOA has developed a more modern look for its famous A-frame main building. It comes with different looks and packages for different settings and features a variety of energy-saving options.

KOA’s 2022 convention is set to be hosted in Orlando, Fla.