Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) and Careington International Corporation have teamed up to create KOA Health +, a health benefit provided to KOA’s Value Kard Rewards campers at a discounted rate. The new plan gives campers on-the-go access, at home or on the road, to telemedicine and discounted dental and vision care, according to KOA officials.

“Having access to health benefits wherever you are is now more important than ever, and Careington has helped us create a program that gives our Value Kard Rewards campers the ability to call a doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet their immediate needs,” says Whitney Scott, vice president of marketing for KOA. “We then packaged discounted dental and vision care with a telemedicine service to give our campers a complete on-the-go health package.”

KOA Health + includes:

  • Access to state-licensed and fully credentialed doctors, via phone or video consultations, to receive treatment and advice for common ailments, including colds, the flu, rashes and more. Doctors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing members and their families convenient access to quality care from home, work or on the go. When medically appropriate, a doctor may prescribe a short term, non-Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) controlled medication that they can pick up at the pharmacy of their choice.
  • The ability to schedule appointments with licensed counselors via virtual or telephonic counseling sessions. Mental wellness counselors can assist members with conditions such as depression, anxiety, grief, relationship problems, and more.
  • Savings through Careington’s large dental network, which offers 20% to 50% savings on most dental procedures including routine oral exams, unlimited cleanings, and major work such as dentures, root canals and crowns. Additionally, the plan offers 20% savings on orthodontics and on specialists’ normal fees.
  • Members are eligible for discounts on exams, eyeglasses and conventional contact lenses from more than 90,000 providers nationwide including independent optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and leading optical retailers.