The Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) Monthly Research Report – December Edition estimates that camping likely will see another record year, with 58 million households camping at least once. The outlook for 2023 also looks healthy as 87% of campers plan to include the activity in their New Year’s resolutions, most of which say they would like to increase their trips. Bolstering Kampgrounds of America Inc.’s annual North American Camping Report released each spring, the latest edition of the monthly report suggests a continuation of camping’s popularity.

Looking to the new year, the report highlights what campers would like to do as they venture out in 2023. Dramatically outpacing other camping resolutions, 41% of campers hope to take more camping trips next year. Comparatively, 29% resolve to take more extended trips, regardless of the mode of travel, while a similar proportion (28%) just want to get outdoors more often.

“With several years of record growth, even more campers are eager to make their way out,” said Whitney Scott, chief marketing officer of KOA. “Much of what we are seeing is driven by the human realization that being outside and connecting with nature through camping is a perfect way to disconnect from the fast pace of modern life.”

When looking at why people camp, there is a notable shift pre and post-COVID-19. Currently, 86% of campers say they like to camp to escape the stress of everyday life, an 11-point increase from pre-pandemic responses. A similar number (85%) choose to camp to relax and not feel like they need to be somewhere, up from 76%. The most significant jump occurred among those who say camping allows them to let loose and blow off steam, up from 57% to 73%.

“Camping is more than a way to travel; it allows us to unwind and reconnect,” asserted Scott. “We know there is more urgency around getting outdoors and reaping nature’s benefits. Our campgrounds provide an accessible way to fill that need as we support our mission of connecting people to the outdoors and each other.”

According to the report, 52% of respondents indicate that spending time outside will be more important in 2023—this indexed highest among Millennials (58%).