Foam-PartyCamping, by itself, is a pretty great family activity. You get quality family time, commune with nature and can “de-stress” in the great outdoors, Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) pointed out in its blog.

But did you know that many KOA campgrounds have some “unusual” theme weekends that might just become a new camping tradition for your family?

The Barrie, Ontario, KOA Holiday, for instance, offers themed camping weekends every weekend from the time they open in late April until they close for the season in October.

The events have proven so popular with campers, according to owner Amy Raposo, that weekend events in July and August have been expanded to begin mid-week.

“We have a talented staff member dedicated solely to recreation and activities,” Raposo said. “Two years ago, we carried some of our themes into mid-week, due to camper demand, and it really seems to work well.

Some of the Barrie KOA’s more unusual themed camping weekends for 2016 include Zoo Tek Wildly Exciting Animal Show Weekend on May 27-29. Campers will experience live reptiles and exotic animals from the Zoo Tek Wildly Exciting Animal Show.

On June 24-26, you can celebrate Pirates Aaargh & Aaargh Weekend. Come dressed like a pirate and spend your weekend in search of buried treasure, dance at the Buccaneer Ball and participate in the mutiny aboard the Black Pearl.

There’s also Christmas in July Weekend (July 15-21) and Come To The Carnival Weekend (Aug. 19-25).

“Our campers just love theme weekends, and they all have their favorites,” Raposo said. “Camping is always fun, and we have a lot of fun thinking up things to make it all better.”

Show up at the Williamsport South/Nittany Mountain, Pa., KOA Holiday, and you’re sure to be included in a special theme weekend.

“If we had a weekend without a theme, our campers would be telling us we made a mistake on the calendar,” laughed KOA owner Michele Socola.

The Williamsport South/Nittany Mountain KOA Holiday has a continuous stream of special weekends beginning April 1 and running through Oct. 30.

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